Monday, February 1, 2016

I've been busy! Updated. The video now works.

It was an unusually warm day today. 62 or 65 depending who you listened to and at what time. Whatever, it still beats the 9 feet of snow last year, though you never know. This is New England.  I have been busy seeing that I have to move. I still have three  or four months to get my act together and boy have I accumulated a lot of stuff. It's not really the big stuff so much as the small stuff. I have been shredding mucho paper. I have made a list of all the things, larger things that is, that I'm going to have hauled away.

Now for a musical interlude. A local disc jockey makes spoof songs out of popular songs. They would play the songs on the air and then he compiled them on a cd. Many of the songs have a local bent to them, referring to local cities around Boston or Cape Cod. Others are more general in nature. This is one of them. I had to add some pictures so I could post it as a video here on Blogger instead of you tube. All the pictures did not line up just the way I wanted them to but the song is the thing. You will recognize the melody as Stand By Your Man.

At this point I have been shredding all kinds of papers that I have accumulated over the years. I have gone through all my vinyl records, video tapes, and cd's. There are places where I can rid of them for not too much money in return but at this point in my life, I don't need all these I always listen to the same stuff. By the way you can only put so many vinyl records in a box. They can become quite heavy. At this point there are 21 boxes of varying sizes in my living room containing books, cd's, vinyl records and video tapes. If I didn't mention it, my landlords are going to renovate my apartment on the first floor and move downstairs. I will go live with my sister for a few months (I hope) then I can move back upstairs, which is much nicer than this apartment. I can't wait for this to be started and finished. Hopefully I will be back in August or September, fingers crossed.

Well it's getting close to bedtime. I work 3 days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I can't wait for that to be completely over in another year. And though things are a bit topsy turvey at the moment I told Arlene that we are going back to Martha's Vineyard this Spring. I am in love with the place and wish I could afford to live there. It's hard enough living around here. The house next to the house I grew up in is for sale. It's similar to our family house which my other sister lives in, is on the market for $550.000. It's similar to ours, two story, seven room house. Yikes! My parents bought it in 1960 for $13,000. I love the Boston area but it's one of the most expensive area's  to live in the country. Well that's enough babbling for now.
I'm outta here.


  1. Dang! I can't play your tunes. There is only a square white empty box there. The house we bought in 1960 for $14,990.00 is now on the market for $450,000.00. That was in a very small and rural town in NJ. Times changes things. Where do you get rid of all of your shredded papers? We have to drive them in big black bags to the recycling center and dump the contents in a large bin. We bring the bags back home to use again. We're "OLD SCHOOL."

  2. Boston Boy, It crazy about housing prices. Over half a million for a house that used to be 13, 000. wow. Oh I want to move back to town...but I sure hate the packing thing. We've lived here 11 years and I lived in the house in town, 35 years.It's that dang...stuff,stuff, know. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. hello to Arlene..I wish you could live at the vineyard too. Maybe one day you and Arlene can pool your money.:)

  3. Saw it! I'll bet it is fun to be there in person when he is singing. I'd like to see his expressions.