Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ahh! The Donald!

Sometimes, just to relax, I fool around with pictures. There's the move that I have to make in the next two to three months. Un-cramming stuff that I crammed into closets over the last 8 years. Since I still work three days a week,and it's amazing that even with four days off, I don't have much down time.  All the other things in my life, family and friends take up time on my off days. This was not how I pictured semi retirement. Yeah there's a bit of whining involved with here. Besides having to move and sort of reevaluate things in my life, things could be much worse.  I don't have any more problems than anyone else. I have been lucky in my life. I do have certain things that I have had and have a problem parting with. For instance about 30 birthday cards from my mother. I'm going to keep them. A typewriter! What's that? A reel to reel tape recorder. Tape? What's tape? Then there was a multitude of cassette tapes. At least I was smart enough not to get involved with 8 track tapes. I already got rid of the vast majority of VHS tapes. Remember them?
Just in my lifetime we went from long play 10 inch long play records that would shatter like a dish if you dropped them, to the 12 vinyl lp's, then cassette tapes for your car or home. Then cd's were introduced and lp's slowly disappeared along with the cassettes. Now we're going to keep our music in a cloud. You know...up there...somewhere.

So many things have happened during my life time. The cold war with the Soviet Union, the Cuban missile crisis, The assassination of a president, The Viet Nam war, The Beatles, watching a man walk on the moon in my living room and so on. Not to mention all the technology, both good and bad. It's really just me looking back and looking forward at the same time.

I re-found my telescope which I will hold on to. I haven't used it in 20 or 25 years. So today is a real off day for me. I'm not doin' nuthin', except maybe help Arlene kill off a bottle of wine tonight.

So as I said at the  beginning, sometimes I fool around with pictures for relaxation and amusement. Well yesterday and this morning I finished up some fooling with pictures that I started fooling with several days ago.
We have the presidential elections. I'm really not thrilled with any of the candidates but after catching bits and pieces of the republican debates I have to admit I found Donald Trump, though an egomaniac, kind of entertaining, in a professional wrestling, Vince McMahon sort of way. I then began collecting Trump pictures and other kinds to have some fun by putting ol' Don in ridiculous situations. One picture led to another and so on.
I also posted it on Face Book though this is still my favorite place. People actually write things with complete sentences. Not that I am a writer but I do like to do it.
Ok here's a slideshow of how Trump got to where he is today. Well it's really a bunch of silly pictures that I strung together with a bunch of silly words.

I'm outta here.


  1. Interesting commentary....
    Have a fabulous week.

  2. Your having flashbacks Paul......grab the time warp button!!!
    I like my mini tv/vhs player!!!! I collect vhs tapes now.

  3. Your Trump on the Stump was sure funny. You are one sick puppy!

  4. "I also posted it on Face Book though this is still my favorite place." I can't find it on your Facebook page.???

  5. Boston Boy, You crack me up. I think you are having too much fun. I love it. I think Trump is hitting some nails right on the mark...but he needs a course in charm school.LOL. God help us all , I thought the last election was a bear. Gaaa. It is hard to get rid of some things. Blessings to you and Arlene. xoxo,Susie

  6. Trump is very amusing , and speaks well. ha! good pictures.