Friday, January 29, 2016

My friend Beth

As I mentioned last blog I will be moving in a few months. Things have changed a bit since then. I will be moving and staying with my sister for a few months while the apartment I am presently living in will be gutted and refurbished then my landlords will be moving to the first floor because of a health issue with one of them. The stairs are basically the reason. Then I will be moving back to the second floor which is a very very nice apartment. They want me back. Now I still have to get my stuff together and have it moved to a storage unit which wasn't as expensive as I though it would be. I have been going through my stuff and getting rid of all the stuff that I have dragged with me since I first moved out. As you can imagine I have added a lot more stuff since the days. Today I was going through my file cabinets. Which brings me to my friend Beth.
Amongst all the old auto insurance papers. old W2, medical papers etc. I found some cards from Beth. I don't have the heart to throw them away. Beth was special to me. We spoke on the phone several times and she always read my blog and commented, whether it was interesting, uninteresting, silly or just plain stupid. She always had something nice to say and I miss her greatly. It could have  been my birthday or Christmas.

I wish I could have met her in person. She was a lovely and kind person and I feel lucky that she called me her friend. I miss you Beth.


  1. Oh that's lovely Paul, happy to see these. I would treasure these little treasures. I have a small card from Beth, and the words where so true and lovely. Beth never failed to leave a comment , always had the time for everyone. Fond memories and miss her to.

  2. blessings.....
    We do accumulate a lot of stuff through the years. I dread downsizing the work involved give me the willies.

  3. I miss Beth too. I have kept many of her recipes. She will not be forgotten here, either. She was always sweet and kind with her blogs and comments. Moving out, moving in, moving up -You will always be a mover, of sorts, eh?

  4. My heart aches too and I miss her every day. I will never let go of the cards and things she sent me either.I am glad you will be able to go back to where you are used to living after things are done. NO matter what the storage people tell you.. put down mouse bait and bug stuff also. Helped tons when I had my stuff in storage for over a year. They say they spray etc but most times it is not often enough...better to be safe than sorry.

  5. Boston Boy, That is how I picked up your blog over at Beth's. I miss her and can't believe how quickly she went. I think of her when ever I see the weather map...seems we always had the same weather pattern go thru. I am so glad you still get to be Arlene's neighbor. You two are best's so nice to be able to count on some one close by when you need them. Oh I know how much a person can accumulate thru the years. Makes me think of George Carlin's bit on "stuff".. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  6. So your mov'in on up another floor in life. Very nice.
    I miss Beth too. I also have cards and a cookbook. I think of her often.