Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nookworm, an answer to your question. Old man talk.

Hi Nookworm. You asked about the camera I used to make my epic, "My drive to work", soon not to be a major motion picture, it was just my old 5 megapixel camera. Old in the digital age. Still it comes in handy for routine shots. I have a very nice Canon camera but sometimes I don't want to lug that suitcase around with me. I just sat it on the dashboard and picked my spots to turn it on and off. No crazy driving though it did fall off the dash twice. It's a tough little bugger.

Sunday evening my friend Dave and I went out. Though I am basically a homebody, especially since my recent dental situation, I felt the need to just get out of the house for a bit. I actually went out the night before but that was just next door to Arlene's. She invited me over for some pizza. A welcome change from oatmeal, scrambled eggs and anything else in the mushoramma universe. It was a challenge chewing gingerly and slowly. Something I don't do regularly but I managed save for the crust. Anyway, Dave belongs to a private club, similar to a veterans club. It really is a bar except you have to ring a buzzer to get in. You don't seem to need an ID. Still I have been there before and it's a nice crowd.

I basically wanted out of the house for a bit. And the thought of a couple of Sam Adams sounded pretty good. So I was telling Dave about what I was having done and told him how I had overcome a major obstacle and chewed some toast. To which he replied, "Ah...some good old man talk. Good for you! You were able to chew your toast. Over 40 years ago we were talking about what band we were going to see at the "Tea Party". Now it's exciting because you can finally chew your toast." 

The "Boston Tea Party" was  our version of the Fillmore Auditorium  in New York and San Francisco but not quite as famous. Anyway we were both laughing about all our little problems bringing a few other people into the conversation, making it a funny evening.

In reality I have been very lucky health wise and will get over this situation and move on. In fact I spoke to Arlene last night and said I was ready to tackle a nice pasta dish. So tonight we will head to our favorite local restaurant Raso's. It's Linguini Julia for me. A delicious white sauce with peas and other stuff that I can't remember. You can have it with chicken or shrimp or neither. 

My check up went well yesterday. I am healing well but as I have said before, this is a 4 to 6 month deal.

My beard is at the point where I want shave it off. It's starting to itch a bit. I'm going to have to shave it by next Tuesday anyway. It looked good until a few days ago. Now it's starting to look a bit scruffy. Odds are I will be clean shaven by dinner time save for the mustache. That's been there well over 40 years.

Now for a quick vacation.

I'm outta here.       


  1. Boston Boy, Glad to read you were out and about. You know we have to laugh at our aches and pains a lot...or we might we crying a lot. When I hear of others woes...I some times think "well hey, I am so blessed." Really I am. I am strong for my age and can still do almost anything but run long distances...unless a big dog is chancing me , then I would probably run a 4 minute mile, or quicker. LOL. oh I have to admit standing on ;ladders kills my feet any more. So I don't do so much of that. Enjoy your wonderful dinner with Arlene. xoxo,Susie

  2. Good to hear you are getting better. I worked with a man in a deli who had to wear a snood to cover his beard. It made me giggle everytime I saw him. I'm sure he thought I was flirting or maybe not? Good ole man talk is good for any man. Have fun eating out. It will taste wonderful.

  3. ...and now I know. Thank you. It is good to hear that you will be eating out and about with Arlene and also that you will be more presentable in appearance.

  4. Good to hear your Tooth ordeal is healing and you are at last getting out Paul.
    A laugh that is good to hear.