Saturday, November 22, 2014

Free time / Salem Ma.

I can't wait for all this dental work to be done, but I have too. I have a dental appointment on Monday morning. It's just to check to see how my healing is progressing. This whole year has been one of adjustment. Nine months ago I was working full time. The same job for 43 years. Including all my jobs I have been working since 1968. I'm still working but part time. I have a lot more free time. I just had two weeks off as a result of my little surgery. Adjusting to all this extra free time is a learning situation. Now I'm not complaining. I am fortunate to be able to retire from full time work a bit early. 

Besides actually doing things during this extra time I also started looking at some of the pictures I've taken over the last 9 years. The vast majority are of the little local trips that Arlene and I have taken. These little trips have fallen off the last two years mainly because of Martha's Vineyard. That's not a bad thing though. We love the place and I can tell you we are heading back in the late spring. Still there are many other places locally which we can explore. When I say local I mean in a 100 mile radius of the Boston area. Most closer. I particularly liked the pictures from Salem. That's about 25 miles from here. There's a lot of them. I picked some out and made a slide show. It was a beautiful September day in 2008. Here are a few shots. Then a quick little video. I found a few clips, down by the shore and an animated display of what I assume was old Salem. Then the slideshow.

There are pictures of New Hampshire from several different trips. It's such a beautiful place. Maine, Cape Cod, Western Ma. which is completely different from where I live. Very rural with rolling hills and valley's. I just like to take pictures. If I could afford it I would I would fly all around this country. I've never been to anyplace in the middle of the country. The closest I came was Las Vegas. Well I'm not independently wealthy so it's trips that are anywhere from an hour to 2 hour drive. If I had my choice of places to live I think I would like to move to somewhere on Cape Cod. Slightly milder winters and the ocean.
Tomorrow, as I write this, the usual stuff. Some laundry, the Patriots game and Arlene mentioned she may have a bottle of wine that she might bring over after the game. Why can't she just say, "I have a bottle of wine." Be that as it may...
I'm outta here. 


  1. It takes time to heal and I hope you can eat better now. Your pictures are wonderful. I caught the in ah pig's eye cafe lol! Neat place! I lived in Vegas and believe me the desert is not the middle hahaa. You know my inlaws saw the country by taking train trips as they couldn't drive the country. They loved it. Just an idea to share. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Arlene. I'll be watching the Packers at Minisoda tomorrow noon! I have rootbeer lol!

  2. I like to view your photos because you show me things I'll never get to see in person. This is our country and by sharing pictures like yours, many others like me will see its true and beautiful self. (You would love it here in my lake area, I just know it!) I may have a cake, cookie or two on hand and I may share them if I see you.

  3. Boston, Boy, You sure take good pictures. I pray the rest of your dental work goes smoothly. You seem to be still adjusting to being semi retired. You want to know what I did my first day being retired...I cried. I actually cried because I didn't have a job. I remember all those trips to the unemployment offices begging for a good job. All the crazy jobs I had ...I retired from the best job . I sure hope you have a great Thanksgiving. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Arlene Paul.