Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's always the same time after oral surgery...tooth hurty.

Today "Friday" as I write this, was the day for my oral surgery. It went pretty quickly. Forty five minutes. I clearly remember waking up with someone fitting me with a pair of temporary lower teeth and partial ones for the top back, both sides. I still have many of my own top which are in better shape than my lowers were. Any way it had to be done. What can I say. I could have much worse health problems. I don't.

Arlene took me to the pharmacy for some scripts that go along with the procedure, and back to my place. I headed right for the couch and still wearing my jacket and I laid down. Arlene got me a glass of water and I and gave some kind of pill. She then takes my wallet and cash, leaves laughing hysterically.

Ok I made that last bit up. These things are uncomfortable and I'm going for a follow up on Monday morning. This will be a long drawn out situation probably 4 months till all is said and done, I hope. Chewing is not an option at this point. Until I get my permanent lower teeth I hope these fake ones can be adjusted a bit. Ok enough whining.

I can't wait for the elections to be over. As always the political ads are numerous and ever annoying. The worst ones aren't the ones that come from the candidates themselves but the ones that come from the political action committees. They choose unflattering photos and word the commercials like they were promoting a horror movie or a soap opera. Fortunately it will only last a few more days.

On the other hand while speaking of politics, Boston lost possibly it's best mayor ever. Thomas Menino. After 20 years in office Boston has bloomed and changed. A city that's small in size yet tall in stature. If you heard him speak he may have sounded like Elmer Fudd but he was no dummy. He was smart and tough and did much to rejuvenate parts of the city that were long neglected. Though I don't live in the city proper it's only a few miles away and for all that is wrong around here we all call ourselves Bostonians and we are proud of our city. Rest in peace Mayor Menino.

Late breaking news! I just finished talking to Arlene. As I was coming out of the anesthetic yesterday, I was babbling to Arlene who could not understand as I was talking through a bloody gauze. She then said that I pointy at my feet and I announced that I now have 3 feet. I then asked for a piece of paper and a pen and began writing down the Gettysburg Address. Ah drugs! You gotta love 'em.

Ok. I guess I'll end this here. I have supper to prepare. Something nice and mushy. I couldn't handle a banana this morning. Aside from a painful mouth I feel good. I will be back later and try and catch up on my reading.

I'm outta here.


  1. Boston Boy, Big hugs for you, you have my sympathy...I do not like dental work and I get the heebie-geebies at the dentist office. You are right, if your teeth are bad they can cause heart problems. I know a lady call Bee, in West Palm Beach...she paid 18,000 dollars for some of those snap in dentures. She loves them ...well hey she better. I could never afford that much... but I have a ton of money in my mouth. I pray for you to heal up nicely...bless Arlene's heart for helping you. xoxo,Susie

  2. Four score and seven years ago.....I want what you're taking!!!! My hubby babbled about having a computer chip in his foot! Was a cramp, but the drugs thought otherwise. The worst is over so west and wewax. I hope I could get up the courage to have mine done, and money of course. Take care my friend.

  3. Oh poor you sounds like a big job you've under gone.Time will heal , but until then hope your not too sore. You have lovely Arlene to look after you, which is a bonus.
    Enjoy your tasty soup dish.

  4. eeee gads.....
    i didnt want to read this cause my teeth broke, there is nothing to hold on to which means i have to have surgery to extract it! wah wah wah....