Monday, November 3, 2014

A two week stretch... and other stuff.

Before I write anything else, it has been a sad day in Boston. The former mayor, who served 20 consecutive years, was laid to rest today. Though I don't live in Boston proper, I live close by as part of the metropolitan area. He was very popular and did the city an enormous amount of good. Boston shines because of him. He would have been elected again if health concerns hadn't changed the script. Lots of heavy hitters showed up including Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Vice President Joe Biden, former Boston Celtic Star Bill Russel and some other local sports stars. He stopped his chemo therapy about a week ago and died this passed Friday. He was a good man.

I went for my first follow up in my quest for implants... for your mouth. My days as a showgirl are over. So far so good. These temporary teeth I'm wearing on the bottom are not precision made. Yet another person was checking out my mouth today. She tried to make some adjustments but they really did nothing. This will be a 4 to 6 month deal. I am healing well but eating is another situation. I tried to eat a banana today and that was a painful struggle. So it's soup and mushy stuff for me for the near future.

Still after a real rotten day weather-wise (rain with 50mph gusts) on Sunday today was a cloudless sunny day. A bit windy with temps in the 50's. I decided to head to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. At the right time the colors are spectacular. I haven't been there in a few years, though once again I work right across the street.  Most of the colors were muted and some trees hadn't even turned yet. Still it's a spectacular place with it's hills and valleys, ponds and bridges. The sun was bright and as usual shooting into the light is not good. Some of the shots would have come out better at a different time of day. Then there is the tower on top of a hill. The hill gives you a nice shot some of the Boston skyline. The tower takes a bit to climb. I was getting winded three quarters of the way up. Still I made it up and back. I got some good exercise walking up and down those hills.
Some Pics...

This tree had to be 7 feet across.

Part of the Boston skyline from the tower. That's Harvard Stadium on the left. The picture of the tower didn't come out well.

One of the chapels.

Looking west.

So that was my day. My mouth is sore but I feel good. I have taken the next 2 weeks off and hopefully I'll be able eat and talk more normally. I still laugh at my performance as I came out of the anesthetic on Friday. Some of it I remember and some I don't. Apparently Arlene telling me that she can't understand me because I have a mouth full of bloody gauze didn't stop me from babbling. And I still don't know why I asked for a pen and paper so I could write The Gettysburg Address. Yes the one that goes "Four score and seven years ago..." 

I'm outta here.


  1. Seriously beautiful pictures. I hope you know about ensure drink for all you need. The generic of ensure actually tastes better. Sorry for Bostons loss. Good leaders are hard to come by. Glad you are healing well. Take care.

  2. Boston Boy, Some things we look back on, after the pain , and laugh about what we have done. You have a sense of humor. Glad you are healing but I hope they can make your teeth work for you. I am sorry about your mayor. Sounds like he was well loved. Some times our government officials, can seem like long time family friends, if we have admired them. I loved all your pictures. Wonderful foliage still going on there. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  3. Your #10 photo took my breath away! I love the sun shining through the yellow leaves that overhang and reflect in the watery cove. An artist's eye you have. It would be nice to have this printed and framed. And..that huge tree! Wow!