Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Today was the first day where the weather was less than perfect. It rained in the morning but cleared up in the afternoon enough to make a side trip to the clay cliffs in the town of Aquinnah at the other end of the island. We didn't get as near to them as the last time two years ago but they were still gorgeous. I have taken many shots here but it's so gorgeous that you can't help but take more.

  We took Arlene's car because of a few niggling electrical issues with my car, though it still ran fine. The deal I drive down to Cape Cod and she'll do the driving on the island. Well I liked that! We had a small episode as we got lost. Arlene got a little nervous but calmed down when I told her how lost can you get on an island that's 15 miles at it's widest point. As long as you have the ocean on your right you'll eventually will hit Oak Bluffs. No matter which way you go you'll hit the ocean. There are only six towns on Martha's Vineyard.

 On our way to Aquinnah we found the cemetery where John Belushi is buried.

Arlene sitting on the stone with Belushi carved on it.

...and that's Tom Crui... no wait it's me.

This is a park one street to the right of our hotel. Below are a few shots from the neighborhood our hotel is located in.

We were in Edgartown on Tuesday. I've got a few shots. Thursday will be quite rainy so our plans might be limited, but we'll deal with it. There's always wine.

Time for bed,
I'm outta here.  


  1. I love those pics Paul!! I especially like the ones with you and Arlene in them! Have fun!! Stay safe!

  2. Your theory of not getting lost made me laugh. John is buried there? There must be a story there eh? Wonderful horses and well wonderful vacation you two are having.

  3. Love those Houses amazing what a place to live.
    Great shots and you and Arlene , looks a wonderful place .
    Enjoy and hope the weather stays good for you both.