Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Flawed video's of a flawless time

There's a lot of Martha's Vineyard that I still have to look at in terms of pictures and clips. The first video below is of our trip over on the ferry. My camera has a flaw in it. Pictures or video's on the long distance lens may have what appears to be a hair or a fiber visible on certain shots or clips. I've cleaned both lens and the inside mirrors in the camera to no avail. And though it shoots high quality videos you have to use your right hand to twist the lens to zoom in making for some shaky camera work. And once again I express my displeasure with having to look at the screen on the back to see what I was I videoing. The screen washes out with almost any kind of light, so you're never really sure if you aim correctly or if any of it's in focus. I've also pioneered a new filming technique. Out of focus through  dirty windshield. Now even if you take all the above whining into consideration, we had a wonderful week. Apart from Thursday, which we knew going in, was iffy. It rained in the morning, slowly cleared, the sun reappeared then and set spectacularly.

It hit 80 one day but the rest of the week was quite comfortable, between 68 and 72.
I would shower and dress early and go out for a morning walk. I took video one morning of my walks through the neighborhood where the Pequot hotel is located. Most of the homes are over 100 years old. Some have the dates they were built conspicuously somewhere on the front, 1847, 1872 and so on. Some are homes that are rented out, others belong to families who use them every now and then. There is no dearth of parks in the town of Oak Bluffs. If I stood in the street in front of the hotel, facing east, there would be a park one block behind me, one block to my right another, three blocks to my left one more, and one block in front of me, the ocean. What's not to love

As Arlene and I sat eating breakfast in the dinning area one morning when two young ladies entered. They were early for check-in but were invited to have breakfast. Right off the bat you could tell who had the brains in this outfit and who should consider renting some for the summer.
Young lady #1- Hey! They don't have a pool here!
Young lady #2- Hello! Five houses down, ocean!
Moving on, The video below is the ferry ride over, ending with us driving off in Vineyard Haven instead of Oak Bluffs. That happens from time to time. Oak Bluffs is only a couple of miles away.

Once we drove off the ferry Arlene mentioned how early we were and how she'd like to drive around. She found her way around beautifully and had no problem going from on tip to the other and kind of zigzagging her way back to Oak Bluffs where we stopped off for a mid morning breakfast at Linda Jeans. One of the few places that stays open year round. I couldn't eat like that every day, well I could but you would have to wheel me around on a dolly. But it was a terrific breakfast.

We got our room and they told us that we were upgraded to a room with a king-size bed, a small porch and a fold out couch. Though they are always very nice to us it really wouldn't have mattered if we had a queen sized or two single beds. Still they had a bottle of wine waiting for us. It's always a relaxed homey feel at the Pequot.

Alright as most of you know I could go on all night but I won't. There are still raw pictures, as in right out of the camera and nothing else, for me to look at and pass judgment. I have begun to visit around. I am quite tanned if only my arms and face. It doesn't take much for me to tan. It's the Mediterranean blood.
OK shows over.

I'm outta here.


  1. Thanks for sharing your trip. Sorry about the 'hair' in your lens. Buggar eh? I enjoyed your video and phots. Again I say beautiful place. You gonna buy a home there?

  2. Great post Paul! Beautiful pictures! And I love the waves in the water in the video I am glad you both had such a good time!!

  3. Lucky you Boston Boy. I would always burn , peel , then freckle. LOL. One year I went to the tanning beds for two weeks, a week in Dayton Beach and two weeks late Can Cun, Mexico. That was the best tan I ever had in my life. But I still was not mistaken for any thing but white:( I love that place where you and Arlene stay. I would love to stay a month someplace like that. What a sunset !!! Are you missing it already? Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Nice! VERY nice...Your pictures are always intriguing for me to see. The video is just fine.

  5. Blessings....
    Thanks for the ride on the ferry...
    I see what you mean about that bugger of a hair. Perhaps its time to take it in to have it looked after.
    great photos and lovely lovely sunset.

  6. Very nice Paul sounds wonderful , that looks and sounds like a lovely place to stay.
    Those are certainly special memories for you both.