Monday, June 9, 2014

Normal life returns tomorrow, until then...

Hello. I've been back since Saturday. Saturday was pretty much a lost day. Not a total loss. After running a few errands, eating some food, Arlene and I got together for a last time for that day. Though the vacation was quite restful, I did not always sleep that well. I am an early riser as a rule from 43 years of working in food retail, and I intentionally got up shortly before sunrise on purpose one day so I could walk down to the ocean to see it, photograph it and video it. There are a lot of pictures and video's to plow through though I've done some of it already.

I conked out Saturday night in front of my computer. Got to bed at about 2 a.m. Natures call at about 4 and the next thing I knew Arlene called me at 12:30 p.m. Sunday. The rest of the day was a lazy affair. Nothing is yet to be unpacked so there quite a bit of laundry in the near future.

There were a few amusing moments during the week. On the day we were at the Clay Cliffs in Aquinnah. Arlene and I were at a railing overlooking the lower portion the cliffs, around the shoreline, halfway down the shoreline from the tip of the cliff, in the picture below.

There were a good amount of people around, but hardly mobbed. There were two women to our left. One woman knew about the island. Whether she was a resident or someone who owns property, she was showing the other around. The other woman was obviously a friend or client, again whatever, who had probably never seen the ocean in person. As we all looked down at the water, the four of us saw some things and movement in the water below.                                                                              
As in some sort of marine animals. Arlene and I had an idea what they could be. Both Arlene and I smiled and chuckled to ourselves as the visitor asked her friend                           
"What are those? Whales?" There was a brief pause, "No... those are ducks."
Another day, or maybe the same day for all I can remember, Arlene was sitting out on the little porch we had...
...there was a woman sitting at one of the tables in the courtyard. I was inside playing with this laptop. Much like I am now. Soon I hear a sound which I can not readily identify. It sort of sounded like a woodpecker. Then I begin to hear Arlene chuckle. I had no idea what was going on. The unidentified sound turned out to be the woman laughing. I then heard another woman calling a boys name. What happened? A little boy, somewhere between 3 and 4, ran out of the doorway diagonal across from our porch, butt naked. Not only that, he ran across the little courtyard, up the stairs of the porch and into the reception area. The other woman's voice was his mother chasing. After she caught him and began to carry him back she was chastising him.
"Didn't I tell you to stay with me?" and he answered using a word they begin to use early on because of it's apparent power,
We all chuckled at this as well. No, the all powerful word.
Then there was Arlene's little meltdown as we drove around. Her idea. Just driving around to see parts of the island where the actual locals live, not the very wealthy. Truthfully, even though I've done more of the driving around there, Arlene knows her way around much better than I. Things were going along swimmingly until a couple of turns onto residential streets. As I asked in my earlier blog, how lost can you get on an island that's 15 miles at its longest. You eventually will get to the ocean and it's only a matter of going left or right. As we approached a certain bridge for the third time I begged her to just stay on this road with the ocean on our right. Eventually you're on the main drag of Oak Bluffs and our hotel is a left, one block in.
At this point Arlene has been driving for several hours and she's getting tired. She tells me that the signs on the bridge confuse her. Why I ask.
"Well on one side they say one thing and on the other they say something else!"
"Well of course." I said. "If you're heading into Oak Bluffs you see Entering Oak Bluffs. If you're going the other way it's going to say Entering Edgartown. She suddenly realized what she had said and we both laughed it off. 
So Monday begins my re-initiation into reality. I still have pictures and video's to plow through. It's a labor of love because just brings up all the wonderful memories of a place that I am fortunate to have reasonably close by. While I was there I rebooked for late September into early October. Arlene knows I did but doesn't know I got the suite.
Well it's time to get rolling. Many more videos and pictures to check out over the next few weeks. See you all soon.
I'm outta here.


  1. It sounds like you both had a wonderful time!! The photos are great and I am looking forward to the videos!
    Now get rested up!

  2. I sure am looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures. Your dialog gives me reading enjoyment as get that laundry taken care of and come back soon!

  3. Ha lovely post good to hear you had a wonderful time. A few chuckles along the way well that's what life's about Paul, great stuff.
    Look forward to the Video's
    Rest well.

  4. Sounds like you two had a wonderful time. I can honestly say I can understand confusing ducks as whales.

  5. Dang Boston Boy, that vacation went by fast. It sure seems to me. Arlene was probably tired and a bit sad to leave your fun trip. Don't you love though when you can laugh and it all turns out okay. Enjoy your trip all over again as you go through your pictures and videos. Blessings, xoxo,Susie