Friday, May 2, 2014

It's the,"Hey Lady! It's the small pedal on the right! Shooting my mouth off, bbq invite, found some pictures, I should be sleeping right now blog.

Yeah I sometimes have a love hate/hate relationship with this area. True, I was born here and it's my home. It offers so much in a relatively compact area. Also true is that we have to have the worst road layout of any major city in this country. I work a little over 5 miles from here. If I have to be in early, even with all the lights I have made it in 17 minutes. Yesterday I got off work at 3p.m. Retracing my steps home at that hour took 50 minutes. Having a distracted driver in front of you doesn't help. I'm not sure if she was on the phone, texting or sleeping but every time, or so it seemed, that the traffic would creep forward, she wouldn't, leaving a two or three car gap in front of her inviting one or two cars to cut in front. Making this tedious trip even more so. I was getting so upset that I wanted to pull my own head off! I swear if I had machine guns mounted on the front of my car...OK maybe that's a little strong.

The road is a winding affair with some nice scenery along the river, and if you travel during certain hours you'll have plenty of time to admire it. Then there are traffic lights, merges, shopping centers, restaurants, a movie theater complex, three supermarkets and three rotaries, better known to every place else in the country as traffic circles. But all of this is a fact of life around here.

All right. My little rant is over. I mean if you can't rant on your own blog once in a while then what's the point? So anyway, on the flip side of the above, I received my invitation to a yearly bash held in New Hampshire. Friends of ours who used to live right around here bought some land in New Hampshire maybe 20 years ago and slowly over the years they ended up building a very rustic yet comfy home to which they finally moved. Every year they have a barbecue and invite all there friends from around here and further.

The have a nice chunk of land though I couldn't tell you how much. New Hampshire is a mostly rural state. Quite beautiful. Our hosts
Kathy and Dennis are warm, wonderful people. There have been 40 or 50 people at some of these events over the years. One family, the last time I went, arrived with a motor home in tow. There house is on a fairly spacious piece of land which extends into a wooded area then to an open field. They live at the beginning of the mountain range. You can see the hills in the background. Not bad at all.
It's about 90 miles from here. A different world.

So I went and found the pictures I took the last time I went, I believe it was in 2007. I've had to work all the other times. It was a beautiful day. I saw people that had moved away 10, 20 years previous. Many I didn't know but that didn't matter. I picked some of the pictures out. On that same disc were Fall pictures of the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Some of these I've shown several times but it's such a beautiful, colorful place. A gem.

So I stuck the pictures together in a quick slide show. Nothing fancy. No music. Just one picture after another for about 3 minutes.   

                         One more thing before I'm outta here...
                , I'm outta here. 


  1. The photos on the video are spectacular Paul. The ones of the little children are adorable!
    Only 29 more days to go! That time will pass in the blink of an eye!

  2. Maybe you could listen to Leon Redbone singing "Extra Blues" on the "Branch to Branch" album. His music usually makes me feel better - especially this one.

  3. Oh my that place looks so beautiful and with the Mountains. What a wonderful invitation bet you are looking forward to that. Love the header and the rant.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. The days till your vacation are going fast. When ranting about other drivers...I was thinking I was running late one day and 3 cars ahead of me was the problem..someone was wanting to drive slower than me....when everyone else turned went their ways, I saw the problem..a little lady driving and enjoying the was my own mommy. I try to be more patient now. Blessings , xoxo,Susie

  5. Sleep at the wheel driver can be frustrating. Sorry you had to endure that. Your video is great as always. i hope you attend the bash in the country. Awesome.

  6. Blessings....
    great photos.