Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I have no idea what I'm going to write. Let's see...

 I guess the first thing I should say is when looking at a map of the Mt. Auburn Cemetery I realized that we have only seen about a third of the grounds. It is 175 acres and there are so many roads and paths and I also found out there are two more ponds on the premises. I hope to get back soon before spring turns into summer. Of course fall is the best time as this place is a kaleidoscope of colors. 
Now I really don't think I have anything of any real interest to write about except I do find being semi-retired is nice but after not working for a few days I find myself whining when I do have to work. That's where the semi part comes in. On the other hand I do know that pretty much the same clientele shops here as did between the years 2000 and 2011. Many people come up and say hello and welcome me back. It's all very nice and I feel like a celeb. Well maybe that's overstating it a bit.
Let's see, Monday was another beautiful day so I decided to go down to the local lakes for some sunset shots. I didn't get quite what I wanted as I couldn't see the actual horizon. The sun went behind the trees surrounding the lake. There are beautiful homes all along the lake on the other side. I can't imagine what those places go for. Still it was quite comfortable. People were walking along the shore, people with their families. A volleyball game. An ice cream truck even showed up. I did not partake.


As part of my whining about work, I do have to work 5 straight days this week, nearly 40 hours. The same thing will probably happen next week as this is the beginning of vacation season. Of course I will be doing the same thing because it's...
... and I'm starting to get antsy. Actually as of this writing it's 18 days but it's Wednesday evening and I'm officially making it 17.
As the old lady said to the Peeping Tom, thanks for looking in.
I'm outta here. 


  1. Paul your pictures are so pro. Sorry you have to work so many days in a row. Bummer. Your vacation will be here in no time.

  2. Those photos are magnificent Paul!! Thanks for looking in, I'm outta here! I love that phrase.
    Almost vacation time for you and Arlene. The days are flying by!

  3. Sure did love all of these photos! (Especially the ones with reflections and this means ALL.)

  4. The map of the Mt auburn cemetry but you never think of any interest to writeng when you have to work.
    You are still beautiful home. all along the lake on the other side..people with their families.
    A volley bell game. your happer next week the beginning of vacation season time.
    You have a always beautiful photos!
    Have a lovely day!

  5. Beautiful photo's love that place , bet the houses are really lovely to.
    Ha love that phrase.

  6. Your vacation is getting closer:):) I loved all your photos. The swan was very nice. Keep up the good work. $0 hours....I would be dead if I worked 40 hours now after being retrired. LOL. Hope you are finding to enjoy your life and friends. xoxo,Susie