Monday, April 28, 2014

Hey it's 2008!

Of Course old is a relative term. I found the picture of the first two Championship trophies when they brought them here in 2008. I also found a bunch of pictures I took at that time. Local places around the house outside, at the lakes, by the river and a bunch of clips from a day trip to Plimoth Plantation. That's the way it's spelled. Now I'm sure I assembled then into a small video back then and probably posted it on Spaces. Well I put it together again and I like it At least it's not as bad as the video in the last blog. It'll be below the pictures.
These are a few odds and ends I found. There are no award winners but they're ok. 

Nothing exciting to report on the home front. I'm still in a period of adjustment. Oh Beth I found the pictures of me with the trophies but in one picture I'm kind of scowling and in the other one I look like I won the trophies. I'll mail 'em to you. Here's the video.


As of Tuesday the 29th...

Ok I'm off to do something. There's always something.
I'm outta here.


  1. Those are wonderful photos Paul and I really enjoyed the video! I will look forward to receiving the other pics!
    Have a great day Paul! I am leaving in a few minutes for a doctor appointment.

  2. I just LOVE that fat robin! The video was nice. My camera makes the same clicking noise when it focuses on different scenes.

  3. Beautiful pics. Hey, 2008 was the year Nico&Anya were born. ;-)

  4. Boston Boy...been busy, but had to tell you, I love your great photos. Very good of the birds. Hope you are adjusting to your time now. Enjoying life . xo,Susie

  5. Lovely pictures very refreshing Paul. Love the birds .