Sunday, April 20, 2014

Social Security all set. A turkey loose in the neighborhood!

I heard from Social Security and am set to receive my money. I do have to admit just the fact that I have dealt with them is strange to me. I'll get over it though. There's still a few loose ends but they will be taken care of. The first to days of this week felt normal because I worked two 8 hour days, just like I did last week and as I have done for decades. Today (Thursday) really marks the first day of my semi retirement. I lounged about most of the morning, eating pancakes and coffee for breakfast. I messed about on the computer then got myself cleaned up, ran errands....oh who cares! Still I was motivated enough to start the kitchen spring cleaning. Tomorrow Arlene and I are going out and having a celebratory dinner. She's a bit ticked because she applied 2 weeks before me and she has yet to hear any news on her benefits. She has called a few times but things have stalled. I got my confirmation in a little over 2 weeks.
Be that as it may we are both entering a new phase of our lives and where ever we eat, I left the decision to her, We will have a celebratory martini! I don't drink them normally, though I admit to passing through a martini phase in the 80's. Fortunately we have several good local restaurants to choose from. I will always lean towards Italian. I hear Linguine Julia calling me. Although that just means linguine by Julia.

Alrighty then, this blog has become more of a diary. "Dear Diary, today I got up and..." As I write this it is Sunday morning. I started it on Thursday. Happy Easter to all that it applies to. It has been a week of adjustment and re-assessment. I have begun spring cleaning and have made a list of things to get rid of. This will take some time but I do have more of it now.
Yes as it says in the title of the blog, there was a turkey loose on the streets of my neighborhood. I actually have been seeing more animals who come out as the sun goes down. Arlene told me the she and one of her daughters went down to the lakes to take a walk. As the sun was going down they walked back to the car and spotted a turkey.
"Oh look! It's a wild turkey!"
The bird sees them and starts charging at them with ferocious gobbling and wings extended. A couple of girly screams and the sound of car doors slamming later, the bird was pecking the wheel wells and the tires. I thought this was hysterical! A turkey! Where's the glamour? Now if a bear chased you to your car, well that's a story! 

It could have easily happened to me. I've been to the lakes many times. It's a nice spot, close by. An upper and lower lake separated by a dam.
The dam between the lakes.
One of my favorite shots of the lakes.

We all pray all goes well at the marathon tomorrow. I will be home and will have it on while I perform other housely duties. It is now early afternoon and I must prepare to go to my sisters house for Easter dinner. Ciao!
I'm outta here.  


  1. The last chapter of our lives. Hey, that would be a great soap opera/ I don't lknow if you been visiting but we are moving back home. Our property and most stuff except essentials are going at auction. Yep down sizing. It took one week after I applied online for ss to call me and got my first check the week after. I win! Beat you! Na nah. I was attacked by a swan at a factory I worked at that had a pond by the parking lot. I wanted to grab it's neck and tie it in a knot. Hope you had a nice dinner by your sis. Hoo-rah on the spring cleaning.

  2. You seem to be adjusting to time off quite well and keeping busy. Turkeys are common to see here, especially in the spring. He must have been very frustrated not to find a girl turkey.

  3. II am glad that you got the SS moving along. You will have fun now just relaxing and visiting all of those wonderful places you have in your area.
    The photos of the lake are beautiful. We have lots of wild turkey strutting around in this area. In fact a couple of years ago their were a couple visiting downtown Peoria. There was some confusion on how to get them to leave as they really are aggressive. Take care Pau! Enjoy your celebratory dinner tonight!!

  4. Lovely photo's what a wonderful place to relax and gaze outwards. Turkey story was very funny can't quite imagine that..
    Enjoy your Dinner