Monday, July 1, 2013

Oy it's so humid!

I began this blog on Saturday night. Then I fell asleep. I fell asleep watching the Boston Strong concert which took place a few weeks ago. The last performers I remember were  Carole King and James Taylor. Also on Saturday they started to distribute the money from the Boston Strong fund. They raised 61 million so far and contrary to what I read on an English newspapers site, this money is not coming from the government but from donations made by people in the area, the U.S. and from different parts of the world. The bombings are  all still fresh on every one's mind and there's still much sadness and anger. Just as these senseless acts that occurred here and in other places and around the world we will not forget this. The Fourth Of July is right around the corner and there will be another large gathering here in Boston with the concert and fireworks on the Charles River. There will be roughly a half a million people in front of the Hatch Shell and along the river in a few days. Due to recent events I'm sure security will be even tighter than last year but it is a scary thought with such a large crowd. I've been to one concert back in 1976.  It was a different era and it certainly was the biggest crowd I had ever been in. There were 400,000 people, which at the time, was the largest crowd to see a concert. It was the 3rd 4th of July concert held. I was a good distance from the shell but I could hear the music and had a nice vantage point to view the fireworks. I was on a walking overpass over a main street that runs parallel to the river. There were people everywhere, around me, below me, and as far as the eye could see. We had walked in from Charlestown, where I had parked my car. Oh wait, "where I had pahked my cah."

Driving in was just impossible and public transportation was a nightmare at best. Besides it was only about a two mile walk. Of course I was a lot younger 40 years ago. Who wasn't? Even though mile wise, the Hatch Shell is not very far from here, I have no desire to deal with a half a million people these days. I see enough of humanity during the course of my week. Still it was neat to be a part of something so big, that has become a tradition around here. In lieu of recent events I'm sure everyone is thinking about security with such a large crowd. Let's hope the worse thing that happens is rain.

A few nights ago I had the pleasure of speaking to my oldest (in terms of blogging of course) friend Beth. She has just been so wonderful to me. My blog does not get many visitors but I can always count on Beth to show up with a kind word or two. Beth I really appreciate my friendship with you. I hope we remain friends even if this blog disappears. And all your friends are in your corner as you contend with your medical issues.

We just finished a week or so of 90 degree heat. The temperature has dropped about 10 degrees but the humidity is quite heavy. It looks to remain hot the rest of the week going back to the 90's. Then again I should stop whining about the heat because compared to what's going on out west this is pretty normal around this time of year.

OK that's enough.
I'm outta here.



  1. Hummidity here has dropped and so happy about that. It make is difficult to enjoy the outdoors.

    I've never been to concert or event that large. I'm not much one for crowds so it's probably a good thing.

    Beth is such a wonderful person. We are all here for her during her trials with our love and prayers.

  2. "where I had pahked my cah." Thank you for the smile Paul!! You have a very nice accent and being compared to Donny Wahlberg...what could be better? :-)
    You can't stop your blog Paul. You have a lot of friends here!!
    I hope your 4th is a fun day for you. Hi to Arlene from me!

  3. I hope the 4th of July is enjoyed by everyone and peaceful.
    So happy you spoke to Beth, we are all here for her.
    Best Wishes

  4. Even here in PA the humidity is high. We empty the dehumidifier every night and it is always full. The AC goes constantly, not to cool, but to eliminate humidity! Old log cabins are like sponges. The fireworks have started tonight and the dog is under my bed. Tomorrow will be nice with parades and old fashioned gatherings in this town. So glad to hear Boston is recuperating - day by day.