Friday, June 28, 2013

A rare Friday off.

Yup. Apart from a week off I never get Fridays off. It really doesn't mean anything except that today is sort of a re-opening for my company. We in the deli have new little costumes to wear. Instead a company polo shirt and an apron, and a baseball style company hat, we have white chefs coats with black collars and a black hat similar to a sushi chef's hat. And yes we had meetings about the companies "new direction" and how we are to approach things concerning customers and customer service. That's all well and good except they scheduled our meeting at noon. They took two people out of my department right at the height of lunchtime business to tell us how important "customer service" is. On the surface it seems so counter productive. Why would you want to emphasize "customer service" while at the same time further reducing customer service at the height of business? Seems stupid. Well it is stupid. More than likely word came down from top management that all employees must attend these meetings to be aware of the companies new direction and purpose. 
This must all happen by June 28. And, oh yeah, don't spend any extra payroll. Bingo! It's the same old problem. So since 1999 we've had 5 owners, each one trying "something new"  but always on the cheap. It has all snowballed the company to it's present position. 
None of us in my department are particularly thrilled with our new uniforms. It seems like we will look like a group of over grown organ grinder's monkeys. Hey I hope it works for every one's sake including mine, but it's really just lipstick on a pig. Oh well.

Let's see. Yesterday I almost ran over two people. Two distracted people. Walking into traffic from behind a parked vehicle without looking because they are transfixed by a little hand held screen. There are cyber zombies among us. I could rant on this but I won't. 

I really don't want to do anything today, but I do have a few things to do. I'd rather just lie about. Outside it's overcast with the threat of showers. The temperature is in the 60's. I have no place to go except the washing machine and some other house work locations. I make my debut in the new costume.. I mean uniform tomorrow. I suppose it wouldn't really matter to me if I really was a chef. Do they think a customer seeing someone cutting their half pound of Land-O-Lakes American cheese will think, "Oh WOW!!! A chef is cutting my cheese! This is has got to be good!"
I pray that the supermarket gods smile on us and this dog and pony show works. Retirement is in the near future for me, but not just yet. After all these years I want to go out on my terms.

Well as often happens I wanted to write a blog but I wasn't quite sure what to write about. Initially this was going to take a different direction but I can save other topics for the next blog. Until then...
I'm outta here.
As I rummaged through a disc of photos I found this one. This is Bella. One of the many cats that have been in my family. She passed about three years ago at the age of 11. She was sweet, a bit skittish, but very gentle. My mother loved her and the reverse was true as well. All the other cats lived between 17 and 20 years My other sisters cat, Onyx is 14 and is doing well. Bella was a cutie.


  1. I can just imagine what you all look like in your new uniforms. :-)

    Bella was a beautiful cat. She reminds me a bit of Carole's cat.

    I hope you enjoyed your day off.

  2. Now that's quite the visual :-). Sometimes you wonder if the people at the top every worked at the job they decide to mess up. Hope it all works out. What a beautiful cat.

  3. Well I hope it all works out well for you and the Company Paul. Very interesting post enjoy your week. Lovely cat oh and they all lived to a ripe old age I see.
    Best Wishes Sheila