Sunday, June 23, 2013

So what have I been doing?

After having a vacation week a couple weeks ago, where the ride down was, well, very wet. It was followed by three nearly perfect days of 68-72 degree, clear sky days. We left on a Monday and though it rained all the way down, by 7:00 that evening it had cleared up. We went out to eat then walked back to the ocean, sat on a bench and started to decompress. A few people were out but not many. The traffic had dwindled down to one or two every so often. We felt like we had the place to ourselves. That's the beauty of going in the off season.
Then there were the monsoon rains on the thrill packed, frustrating, bladder bursting, snail paced, four and a half hour ride home. So what have I been doing?
We sat by the ocean just a little up the road apiece from here, early Monday evening as the sun went down. All the nonsense of the real world slowly dissipated.

Well working for one thing. I was mellow on my first day back to work, until about 11a.m. when this guy with an armful of groceries and two bags peanuts in the shell clutched in one hand rushes up and says, "Where are the peanuts?"
"Uh, you're holding two bags of peanuts."
"I want more."
"Well those are in the produce department."
"Where's that?"
This genius had just walked out produce department to ask me where the peanuts that he was holding, where located. My co-worker had to turn away and go in the corner so he could snicker away. My mellowness evaporated. I was back in the real world. My schedule has me starting at 7a.m. one day an 12:30p.m. the next. I'm told this is only temporary, for a couple of weeks. We'll see.
Then there was Arlene's birthday. Arlene's daughters and I took her out for dinner. As a present I got a multi frame picture frame. It held several different sizes for a total of nine. Martha's Vineyard means much to Arlene as it does to me as well. I decided to pick out nine pictures of certain significance, print and frame them. I have a lot of pictures. Going back to 2010 and I started looking at them and suddenly decided that I should make a master collection of my favorites. I then decided that it would be nice to have a photo album of all my favorite pictures. Something on a shelf, not on a computer screen.
The Clay Cliffs in Aquinnah on the opposite side of the island. This picture doesn't do the place justice. It's breathtaking.
    So to make a long story boring I ended up with a total of 265 out of about 600 or 700. I finished printing out the first set on Friday. It was time consuming but pleasurable, transporting me back to places. I have filled one photo album and need to buy another as I have 78 photos left over. I'll give the first set to Arlene, but I do want one for myself. As it looks right now we will be heading back in Mid September.

Well I worked a late shift tonight and have kind of lallygagged (You should have seen the way I spelled it before using the spell check. And now back to our story.)... around and tried mightily to produce a blog entry. I have a full day on Sunday. Nothing too strenuous. From about 9:30-12:30 I will be taking some pictures at a function held at the local high school football field. I hesitate to call it a stadium. It will be a fund raiser in honor of Krystle Campbell. The young local woman who was killed at the marathon. She grew up around the corner from here. Arlene's daughter Allison, went grade school through high school with Krystle and runs the local city's web site. She helped organise this walk around the track to raise money. Something is supposed to happen at 11:30 on Sunday morning and she would like some pictures for the city's web site and her own. I am getting all this information second hand from Arlene so some of the facts are cloudy. I will then go home and hopfully do some laundry and a few chores. Later at six we will go out for a bite to eat. Catch up on a few things, then it's back home, sleep and then back to dealing with the great unwashed. Present company excluded of course.
"Ah. Scuze me. Where's the thing to make the hamburgers?"

OK. That's it. It's soon to be tomorrow. I need my beauty sleep.
I'm outta here.


  1. You live an exciting life Bro. The poor guy must have forgotten where he got the first two bags of peanuts. Your photo albums sound great, also the picture frame assortment that you got for Arlene. I hope today is a good one for you!

  2. Made me chuckle Paul where's the Peanuts poor guy.! The pictures sound great , good to look back sometime's. Enjoy your week hope it goes smooth for you.

  3. Your actions regarding the photo albums are very familiar. I, too, start out with an idea in mind and then it escalates to become a huge project. Your albums will be a wonderful memory for you to keep - and a structured one at that. Your photos are all very descriptive and it must have been difficult to select ones to use. Peanuts? What peanuts? Where are they? Help!