Monday, June 24, 2013

A walk for Krystle

Sunday was a hot sunny day. Arlene's daughter Allison and her track coach from high school, had organised a walk to raise money for the Krystle Campbell Scholarship fund. Both Allison and Krystle ran track for "The Coach", as he is referred to. It was held at the local high school sports facility. As I mentioned in the previous blog Allison asked if I could take pictures of the event because she was going to write about it on the cities web site and her own, which is about the city as well. I got there about 9:30 in the morning. I live very close to the facility but have never been there as I was long gone from high school when it was built. Essentially they were selling t-shirts, burgers, hot dogs, drinks...etc. as well as pledging money for laps around the track all to raise money for the Krystle Campbell Scholarship Fund. They also had some entertainment. A young man sang four songs to his own accompaniment on guitar. I thought he did just fine. Following him we had a barber shop quartet from the high school who were surprisingly good. Then there was the high school band. What can I say? They sounded just like they did when I was in high school, bless their little hearts. I had been asked to stay until 12:30 because of something that was going to happen. That was the mayor and Krystle's parents were going to arrive. I have to say I didn't feel all that comfortable taking these pictures. I did it and as a favor to Allison and because I like to take pictures. Allison does such good work starting and organising events like this for public awareness and support. As I said I didn't feel good about snapping shot of Krystle's parents. They put on brave faces, but how can this not still be fresh on their minds. The Marathon was only two months ago? 

Well the event on Sunday raised over $10,000.  Who knew? Of course I was only there for a little over 3 hours and it was a 12 hour event. Still while I was there, the largest amount of people hovered between 30-35. Some were buying a hot dog or a t shirt, coffee or  walking around the track. I was quite impressed at the amount raised. Good for them!
Here's a few shots from yesterday. No shots of Krystle parents, just the performers and maybe something else.
 This whole senseless attack on people who were just enjoying a public sporting event saddens and angers me even though all who I know and love were nowhere near the Marathon on that day. This poor young woman having her life taken away from her as she was entering the prime of life. Everything I read and heard about her was positive. Everybody loved her. What a stupid world.


  1. Paul.I know that terrible day will always be part of your memory. I know it is part of mine. A senseless act of terrorism and so many lives changed forever. This is a very moving post. You took some great photos. I would love a link to the newspaper that printed some of them. I love the photo of the little guy just sipping his drink. Precious! And the young kids singing...
    I hope you have a wonderful day Bro, do something today that will make you happy. Life is short.

  2. Such an awful day that was and one we will never forget. Your photos were wonderful as was this post. So touching.

  3. Terrible just so sad and so so pointless. They raised quite a fair amount I see.
    Enjoy your week Best Wishes to you and Arlene.

  4. Love seeing the children's activities, and while I'm here I will say that I too can't get over that senseless rage and hatred that devetated the Bostonians and the world.

  5. devastated. Sigh. Me and my typos.