Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just some things

There are things going on 'round these here parts. There's the marathon bombing trial about to begin soon and who knows what that will entail. An old case has been re-opened after 49 years. I don't know how well known this was across the country, but in the early 60's Boston was terrorized by the "Boston Strangler". The final murder was in 1964. Albert De Salvo admitted to the police that he was the strangler and later recanted. He was never brought to trial. There were 11 victims over a two year period. He was arrested and tried for other crimes and was killed in Prison in 1974. Well back then they didn't have DNA testing but they did save some DNA from the last victim in 1964, on a blanket. Back then they didn't have a definitive way of examining DNA. For all I know DNA was unknown back in the early 60's. Well a few days ago, the police were watching a relative of De Salvo. They waited until he finished drinking some bottled water and disposed of it. This was all in public and it was disposed in a public trash bin. They took the water bottle and found the De Salvo DNA. It was a match to the old sample (taken from the saved blanket). Now they have exhumed De Salvo's body for confirmation. I do remember those days. I also remember the awful movie they made with Tony Curtis. 

Then there's the Whitey Bulger trial. The headquarters for the Irish Mob was across the street from where I worked back in the 70's. It was a bar/lounge. I was in there once. It was Christmas Eve and one of the guys said, "Let's go have a drink before we go home." And that's all that happened that night. I had no idea who owned the bar. I worked in the supermarket across the street. Well back before the market was built the land was the location of a movie theater. The previous gang boss was gunned down right in front of the movie theater across from his "headquarters". The guy who took over was in charge when I worked in that neighborhood. I even had a dealing with him in the store only I didn't know who he was. He wanted a party platter with an assortment of cold cuts. It was near closing time so I politely refused saying we were going to close in 15 minutes. He was very soft spoken and polite. He then said, "I'll be right back."

Within a minute the night manager rushed down the aisle like his pants were on fire and said, "Whatever he wants OK!"
Well OK. I later learned who he was. Whitey Bulger ran this guys operation in South Boston. When the big guy was arrested for trying to fix horse races and racketeering in 1979, Whitey Bulger took over. He ended up being a snitch for the FBI and so did some of his former associates who in turn started snitching on Whitey. I'll tell you there's never a dull moment.

Problems with my dryer has made it a real pain the last two weeks. Sometimes it will work properly and other times it will run for about 3 minutes. It's only 6 years old. Other than that, IT'S FRIKIN' HOT! Not to mention the humidity. We have a chance to hit 100 this week. What else have I been doing? My misfiring dryer lead me to go looking for the owners manual, which led me to find documents and papers that were just taking up room. This led to the rearranging a couple of file cabinets...and so on. What have I started?

Enough blather,
I'm outta here.   


  1. Wow! You really have a busy place there. Interesting though, I must say. Appliances can be a trial. I've had my washer dryer since 1995 so I better not make comments for fear of pressing my luck. Hope yours isn't a serious problem.

  2. I remember reading about these cases as they were happening. You live in a very exciting area Paul.

    I hope you are able to get your dryer fixed.

  3. I am following those trials too. Interesting you denied the cold cuts platter LOL! I bet you later thought a few things. Scary really.
    It's been hot everywhere and we all get some then hail an rain then fire. Sounds like a song. I have been known for finding useless papers and quickly stuff them where they were and say 'I don't recall'. lol. Stay cool and give the dryer ah kick, it MAY work. I know Henry gave his son ah kick and man was he productive that day. Be well!

  4. Awww.....Well, stuff just doesn't last like it used to - I KNOW! Throw one of those wet towels around your neck and you will at least feel cooler. I wouldn't know what it is like to NOT have a clothesline!

  5. Interesting Post I remember the Boston Strangler , and yes that awful Film pretty grim! Hope you get your dryer sorted out very soon.
    Stay Cool all the best

  6. THAT was one heckuva interesting post! Loved reading it. Took my mind off stuff!