Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I dare you not to laugh.

Listen a good laugh never killed anyone but this clip from the Carol Burnett Show might come close. It seems they were trying to get through a Mama's Family sketch and Tim Conway begins to tell a ridiculous story about a circus elephant and it goes on and on and becomes more silly and convoluted. Carol Burnett was always stressing how you should never break character and she, well you'll see. They are trying to play Pass Word and Carol's character is supposed to say, "Go on Mama."  Stick with it to the end. Vikki Lawrence nails it.

I'm outta here.



  1. I laughed!! I always loved that show!

  2. I loved that show like no other. Well, I sure loved it as well as other favorites. Seems as though you can't get the series by the year. I have never seen it for sale.

  3. My favorite show! When I was once sitting in a recliner with broken ribs, Carol made me laugh so hard that I was crying and I couldn't get out of that chair and escape from the TV. We didn't have remote control so I almost died laughing. It hurt so much! Thanks for posting.

  4. Never seen one of these shows of course , but I must say the expressions on their faces are awesome!
    Have a Lovely Weekend .

  5. You are such a good friend Paul. Thank you. My surgery is July 23.

  6. blessings....
    Oh that was good tv. man technology is great yet with all the fancy smansy crap they still can't come close to creative, talented funny tv.

    Thanks for taking me down memory lane. loved it.
    have a great week