Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just me

Nancy beat me to it but I have been thinking about posting a video of myself. There have been numerous requests...well one or two for me talk. I guess they were curious about the Boston accent. I don't think I have a strong accent though I will admit that the odd cah (car) or watah (water) sneaks in there every once in a while. Though I do talk I chose to play a little guitar. Not a teeny tiny little guitar but just a little playing. It's not a sparkling performance. There are mistakes. I don't play all the time so it takes a few days of steady practice just to get to as good as I can play. I make no great claims. I just do it for my own amusement. The last time I played in a band setting was about 1972. That's a while ago. I don't have the stamina to play like that. That takes real practice. So here it is, mistakes and all.
So that's it. Yeah I made a couple of flubs. I might have had one string a bit out of tune and maybe the tone wasn't the greatest. I did it spur of the moment.

It's early and I am off to work. I'm supposed to go to a cook out tonight but it looks like rain. I'm still going of course.

Ta ta for now.
I'm outta here.


  1. WOW!!! Great job little bro! You are quite the talented guy and good looking to boot. Of course my brothers were all good looking. It's in the genes. The music is very good!
    I didn't notice any accent at all.
    I am proud of ya!

  2. Yay !!!!great I enjoyed that Paul , good to hear your accent to. Glad I popped over carry on the good work sounds good to me. Sheila .

  3. That was great. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment.

  4. Great Video! I came over from Beth's blog.

  5. Hi Paul!
    I just signed to follow you that I don't understand what happening in past? I'm sure I was follows yours.
    It was nice to see you on the video and the music is very nice thought if you sing the song would nice? Sorry I asked too much Paul....

    Enjoy your day.

  6. Very nice! I followed Beth's link to you and am glad I got a chance to hear you. Great sounds from that guitar---love the hollow body ones. My son is an up and coming bass player, so I may show him this one, as he is also into guitar. Hope you will visit my space "Can't Get That Song Out of the Head" (the same in Blogger version is called "It's a Mystery") or you can find me as a friend of Beth's. Thanks for the cool licks!

  7. Enjoyed your pickin' 'n strummin! MUCH!