Sunday, June 12, 2011

I can't think of a title so that's my title.

Let's see what's going on. Down on Cape Cod there have been 6 shootings. Not people but grey seals. The seals were granted federal protection because of a dwindling population. It worked well as the population has exploded. In the town of Chatham, a very lovely place, there are an estimated 3000 seals living along the coast. 6 have been found shot to death. The increased population may have resulted in the increase of shark sitings over the last few years. There are no suspects but there is speculation that it could be someone in the sports fishing industry because a grey seal can eat up tp 50 lbs of fish a day and these boats have to go farther out to find the fish. Once again there are no suspects yet but several government agencies are investigating. So who knows, maybe the seals owed somebody money. Still it's all a sad state of affairs.

We have another sports team going for a championship though as of this writing they are down in the series 3 games to 2. I used to follow hockey back in the '60's and 70's. I had the privilege of watching Bobby Orr play. As far as I'm concerned the greatest hockey player ever. Of course I'm being a homer when I say that. I forgot what an exciting event the Stanley Cup playoffs are. The Bruins haven't won the cup since 1972. 

Today, Sunday, the weather is cool topping out at 60 or so. It's overcast and drizzly. Not a great day but I don't care I'm not working today. I hate working Sundays. Massachusetts was the last state in the country to allow big stores to open on Sunday. This was about 1985 I think. People in the Boston area would drive to nearby New Hampshire on Sundays because their stores were open, not to mention that New Hampshire didn't have and still doesn't have a sales tax. Of course the two states are different. New Hampshire is very rural. There are as many people in  Boston as there are in the entire State of New Hampshire more or less. When I was growing up until 1985 Sunday was a very quiet and peaceful day. I do miss it. Anyway I am off and I took a lady friend out to breakfast this morning. After our meal we frequented a local warehouse type store. I guess it's sort of like a Wal-Mart though I have never been in one. I have my reasons for not going into Wal-Mart. Let's just say I don't like them. I admit that I do like this store. It's really no frills but contains just about anything you're looking for from tenderloin steak to fishing rods. I did find it amusing at what I saw as I walked in. Right next to a section that had glass cases full of jewelery were four large bins full of watermelons. Now that's cross merchandising!

Your tax dollars at work dept.
I suppose he took a lot of crap growing up because of his last name. Still, despite his name he had managed to get himself to congress. Yes I'm talking about the congressman from New York State, Anthony Weiner. It is an unfortunate name. At least these days. Imagine if he was born a girl and his parents had a sense of humor and named him Heidi.
This man is obviously full of himself and and not very bright. Sure with today's technology doing what he did was easy but it's also just as easy to have this stuff discovered. And what did Mr. Weiner do when, if you'll pardon the expression, he was exposed. Deny and lie. It's what they do when they are caught red handed, so to speak. This whole thing just lends itself to endless jokes. What makes it worse is that he's a married man. If he were single and just admitted to it right away as being a stupid, thoughtless thing to do especially when you're a high profile government figure we could have all had a chuckle over it, made our jokes and it would fade into the past though I think this would have been one of the more amusing political goofs of the new century. Believe me I am restraining myself from using some of the words and phrases that are available. Think Al Pacino as Scarface, "Say hello to my little friend." I don't know if I'll ever be able to have another hot dog on the Fourth of July. Here's a clip from one of my favorite show called Mystery Science Theater. It's a silly but funny show that ran about 9 years. The character on the show would take only the most awful movies that they could find, as long as they were in the public domain, and sit and watch and just crack wise, tearing the movie apart. I always found it very amusing. It didn't have to be a feature length movie. The made fun government films, such as the famous "Duck and Cover" film from the '50s made for school children. Here in the U.S. during the '50s and '60s there was constant worry about a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. It told children that in the event of an attack to get under the desk if they were in school and if they were on the street they were to drop to the ground and cover themselves with their coats. I guess if was summer, too hot for a coat, you were shit out of luck. It's hard to believe they thought this would make the public feel more secure. Any way Here's a short clip from MST3000. It comes from a school home economic film. It applies to Mr. Weiner.  
 OK I've gone on long enough. Time for supper. Hold the mustard.
I'm outta here. 


  1. Seems to be a lot of "stupid" going on in politics lately. Maybe we should just eliminate them all a vote directly. But then the big copmanies would pay someone to fix the election that way too. Hard to for the average Joe to win today.

  2. Hey Paul, Great post! I think the hot dog and Blagojevich must be friends. LOL Crooked and stupid seem to go together as that is what 99 % of our elected officials are today.

  3. I think Weiner has a problem but he is getting help in rehab joining Woods. I will snicker now everytime I have a grilled hotdog. Were those the seals that got Bin Laden? Say I used the webcam thingie on my Dell for my vid. You are right, and it all came out blurry and the voice did not match the lips. Hence a foreign movie. I will try the camera and upload that. I hope you make more movies Paul.

  4. Blessings.....
    a bit cool here today as well and cloudy, took some pics. hmmmmmm, unfortunately stupid is contagious when it comes to politics.

    Have a great day eh and a fabulous week....
    stay blessed.

  5. I dunno, Paul; seems too many folks in positions of responsibility are treating their jobs with the same lack of respect they have for themselves and their constituents. If there's a chance of changing their behavior, it's only when they're caught red-handed and lying about idescretions doesn't work for them anymore.

    The media does its part by giving them air time ad nauseum, and I've just gotten to the point of no longer watching tv much. Reading newspapers and magazines leaves me cold...the typos and errors in grammar and spelling which slip past the copy editors is pretty sad.

    Oh, well.

    The drama and life experience which plays out in our blogs is all the entertainment I need for now; at least I care about the authors.

    The signin issues I had with Blogger are resolved now; an obscure settings thingy was creating the problems and I've gotten it fixed. For now.

    I hope you'll have time for more adventures this summer; with luck--and a little extra dinero in my pocket--I hope to have a few adventures of my own to share. We'll see.

    Hold the mustard? Okay. That leaves me lots of room with this full ketchup bottle here, pardner; I'm armed and know how to use it.

    Later, my friend.

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  7. I have given you this award too Paul. Please stop by and pick it up little bro.

  8. Paul, Carole asked me to stop by and let you know that she had a fall and her right wrist is broken. She will be out of commission for awhile.