Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I think I'll call this a blog entry.

Hello. First, here's the video that I was trying to upload the last time. It's a little slide show of a few of the pictures I took of Martha's Vineyard.
Last week in western and central Ma. we witnessed a rare occurrence in these parts. Two tornadoes. They do happen but not very often. In the Boston area we got rain and one heck of a lightning display. There never were any loud claps of thunder just a constant rumble like some celestial bowling tournament. I grabbed my camera opened my bedroom window, which is in front of the house on the porch and snapped away. I filled about 4G'S of memory card space snapping away. Catching a shot of the sky all lit up wasn't that hard but catching a bolt of lightning was literally a shot in the dark. Then there is the random nature of lightning. Point, hold steady, start clicking, hope for the best. Here's a short video of a bit of lightning.                           

As we have all experienced, sometimes there isn't enough time in one day. Some days, even when I leave work at a reasonable time, by the time I do whatever I have to do and make supper it's already close to 7:30 or 8 pm. If I sit in front of the computer I can feel my eyes getting heavy after a half and hour. It's the same if I watch TV or try to read. I'm just no fun anymore. Have I officially become an old fart? I want to be a young fart! I started this blog last night and could not think of much to write. Earlier in the day, while at work, Ideas flowed between slices like water filling a bath tub. Last night as I sat in front of the screen the flow became a couple of drips because apparently the main broke and there was no preasure left.

Living near a big city has it's plusses and minuses. I can see a part of the skyline being only 5 miles away and it's fairly easy to get into town though by car it can be a nightmare. On the minus side, a main highway, that essentially runs from upper mid New Hampshire to the tip of Cape Cod, runs through my town. Well a section of this road that runs through my city, built in the late 50's and early 60's is being refurbished with federal stimulous money. There are 14 bridges that are going to be replaced throughout the summer. The first one about a quarter mile from where I live. One a weekend. Well they did the first one over this passed weekend. They cut the 4 lane high way down to 2, took out half the bridge lowered the new one in place and the same for the other side. I got out of work at 8 on Saturday drove home and walk down to see if I could catch some of this but when I arrived at about 8:45 it was done. I would have loved to have taken some pictures of that. There were two huge cranes. Neighborhood people told me it was amazing to watch. This is what I saw when I got there.
  Normally at peak hours traffic is a mess. People going on the highway or getting off. Now it's snarled to the north and the south. 13 more weeks of this. The next two are almost equally close to me. I Hope my work schedule allows me to be able to witness this. As aggrivating as this is, the idea of removing the old road way and dropping in a new one fascinates me.

At this point in the day I've accomplished a few things. I finished this blog for one. Something I haven't been doing as often as I used to. To those of you who come here regularly, I thank you. I usually don't get many comments but I can always count on you guys and that's good enough for me. I am also off tomorrow and apart for some minor things I think I will relax. Now I think I'll pop a couple of CD's in the player, lay down and more than likely take a snooze.

I'm outta here.


  1. Paul, I have never once considered you an old fart. LOL
    The videos are really good. I love the music on the first one.
    I think you deserve a day of rest tomorrow so I hereby declare this 'Do Not Disturb Paul Day' for all of the state of Massachusetts.

  2. Enjoyed your videos. You sure did have a storm. Hey we all become old farts and we've earned it! We're like fine wine, we get better with age.

  3. Your new Videos are very good with the music on Paul, that I may try too?
    You don't think you are old yourself though still
    a lots of time left with you:-)

    Your blog post is always big ones that I wondering about make you tired your eyes ...
    Enjoy your day.

  4. What an enjoyable post. So much wonderful things to watch. Hey, from one 'ole fart' to another, many ideas for me come at night and gone by morning.

  5. Enjoyed the show! Isn't nature awesome? It can be mean sometimes but what a show she puts on.
    I'm with you...I wanna be a young fart too hehe

  6. Blessings....
    Enjoy the photos of the vineyard, can i bother you to send me via email the 2 shots of the sun looking like its falling into the ocean? Sorry i am spoilt since the last time you sent me two of the most delicious shots of the sunset.

    Glad all is well dispite teh storm....

    Take care....

  7. Paul, I'm just about to log off for the night, but wanted to try leaving a brief comment for now, just to see if I can.

    I'll come back later to leave a more appropriate one later if this works.

  8. I enjoyed the show too and the blog, Paul..we don't mind the stream of conscienceness (can't spell it) blog if you choose to do one like that. They can be inyeresting and inciteful.

    No one comes to see me either but us kids here. :-) Works for me. :-)))