Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Tuesday right?

There's not much going on except on Thursday I will be seeing an old friend that I haven't seen in 25 years. She's actually a friend of my sister from childhood. There a bit of a history between us. 

Apart from that there's not a whole lot going on. I did finally get to watch some of the bridge replacement that's going on around here on Saturday night. It has been a hassle yet 
It is amazing how quickly they are getting it done. They are working their way north by doing the 4 lanes north bound then working there way south. So far there have been 4 completed. They start on Friday evening at 6 and are finished by Monday morning at 6.
  I call these Cranes at Sunset.
To the left you are heading to Boston. To the right you can head to Canada.
Once again as big a pain as it is in an already congested area, it really is amazing how fast they took the old road way out and installed a new one in 2 and a half days. They hope to be done with all 14 bridges by the end of August.

Today looks to be another sparkling day. At this point, about 9 a.m. it is about 70 degrees, hitting a high of 80. I have nothing more planned except for a couple of exciting loads of laundry and much laying about.

Catch you on the flip flop.
I'm outta here.

Ooo I almost forgot. Here's a news blooper from a local newscaster that's still on the air on Channel 4. It's from the late "70s.
OK. Now I'm really outta here.


  1. Have fun while visiting an old friend. I love that kind of visit.

    The video is great. Love the one where the newscaster is making a fool of himself.

    Great photos!!

    Ciao Little Bro,
    Big sis

  2. Hello Paul! Amazing how they are dropping in sections of bridge like that. Is there a factory where they make sections of bridge and even highways? Would that make jobs eh? Like making Lego's.
    How great to meet someone you haven't seen in so many years. Enjoy yourself and have a great day off.

  3. Those are some great photos. They sure are moving fast. Enjoy yur visit with the old friend. Still laughing here. Funny.

  4. Enjoy your visit with your friend sounds great. LOL The video with the newscaster so funny... The bridge wow! that's amazing they sure do get stuck in don't they.Thanks for sharing Sheila.:)