Sunday, November 28, 2010

One down. Two to go.

Two holidays to go. I enjoyed my Thanksgiving. The gathering was small compared to the past gatherings when there were cousins, grandchildren, grandparents. Some have moved away. Some have passed on. My day started by attending the local high school Thanksgiving day game. It's anywhere from the 3rd oldest to the 10th oldest high school rivalry in the country depending on where you check. I thought I was dressed warmly as it was about 30 degrees but by the 3rd quarter my legs were numb. It was time to leave. Besides we were getting squashed 21-0 in the 3rd quarter.  But it gave me an opportunity to try and take some action shots of the game.

Pregame  stretching. Notice the empty stands of the opposing team. We were the visiting team.

Well it's even colder as I sit and write this on Sunday morning. At the moment it's 28 degrees (f) though the sky is clear and the sun is bright. I have had the weekend off. This is a rare occurrence. I don't really care if I have Saturdays off but I love having Sundays off. I can still remember the days when everything was closed on Sunday save for small convience stores. We were the last state to allow big business to open on Sundays. That was in 1986 give or take a year or two. The only good thing about working Sundays is that all pay is overtime. I really did absolutely nothing yesterday except watched some television and started the latest book by Dan Brown (The DaVinci Code), The Lost Symbol. This guy knows how to write a page turner. I am not a particularly fast reader but I got 190 pages into it. Very entertaining so far. The week ahead looks to busy again. OK there's work and that's a given. I am fortunate as I have been invited out to dinner at yet another new restaurant opening and to my sisters for my birthday. I'm not pandering for happy birthday wishes here. It's just a statement of fact. Wednesday I am going to the lighting of the city Christmas tree and an exhibit of donated, decorated Christmas trees at city hall. They are supplied by local merchants and will be raffled off. I think I will take a shot and buy some tickets. I have not had a tree in the three years that I've lived here. Friday I'm going to the Auto Show. It's one of my favorites as I have always had a love affair with cars. I am looking to buy a new car next year and it will be a new one though I have had good luck with two year old cars. There have been a couple of turkeys. A 1970 Fiat. Which I owned for a grand total of one year. It was a nightmare. A 1995 Ford Taurus SHO (super high output) which I owned for 5 troublesome years. When it was running right it was a ball to drive. Very quick and the best handling car I ever owned. A poor mans BMW but it was prone to break down evey so often sucking my bank account nearly dry. After that I bought my present vehicle another Ford Taurus (1998) in December of 1999. It has served me well and been practically trouble free. The body and paint have held up well and it runs like a top. I will miss it when I replace it but I am going for a new one sometime next summer. At least those are my plans. It could be the last car I ever buy. Now there's a happy thought. Later this afternoon I will be dusting off my guitar, bass and amplifier and do some playing at my friends house. I do hope that we have a drummer. I guess I've taken up enough of your time. I will come visiting and see what's going on in the cyber universe. Until next time my friends...
I'm outta here.  


  1. Good Morning Paul, Well I told you wrong, you will be two years and 21 days older than my son in law. His birthday is Dec 23. I am going to toast your birthday and my anniversary on Thursday with a diet 7-up. You can have something stronger if you like. The time will be 7PM central, 8PM eastern so syncronize your watch with mine.
    I am deciding on the new car thing next year too. Probably not if my 2002 Buick keeps running good.
    I hope you have a great week Paul. Don't work too hard as just reading about it tires me out.

  2. I forgot to tell you that the photos are really good. I especially like that one of the pigtails flying on the cheerleader. A great one for you to submit to the newspaper.

  3. Thank you Beth! I didn't have time to submit the pictures to the local website as I didn't know what they looked like. I went sgtraight from the game to my sisters and didn't get home till after 9. I figured it weas too late and the story would have already been published. Still they were requested this morning for some reason. I'm not sure where they will end up as the request came from a 3rd party. It could be by the school or the local paper.

  4. Paul, I am with Beth on toasting your birthday! * PM...with sparkling water! As Beth said, you can have something different.

    Loved the pictures and so glad that you found the time to blog. It's not the same without you.

  5. Well, the heck with the sparkling water, lol. I'll toast your birthday with a nice cold 7&7 !
    Paul, take a look at the 7th photo down. I'll bet when that guy developes his film, he's going to see a picture of you taking a picture of him taking a picture of you, hahahaha. Love that shot!

  6. Am I a few eeks older than you? Just curious. I will toast with you guys. I'll have blueberry preserves on my toast ;-/
    I enoyed your action shot photos. The (f) after 28 degrees, means final? Jist funn'in with you as I always seem to do. It's NOT the fact I am like 4 inches taller than you, maybe cause I am a few weeks older? Don't matter. I had hoped you would go visit your friend in California next year. That long awaited trip. The next car or van or pick-up will not be the last one you buy!!!! I see a shiny Caddie in 5 years with you wearing a fedora and waving to the people as you head to Dunkin Doughnuts. Seriously Paul, i wish you a merry birthday and please get a tree this year. Maybe a real one in ah burlap pot all of 10 inches tall. Hey you could plantr it next year by your friends with the beautiful country view.
    I think I commented enough don't you? Have a great time jammin today. something driveway to you. Or proast!

  7. You have cold weather 28F that we never have in here,it more likely to have hot weather in summer
    time over 42c.
    you are enjoy yourlives thats is very importants in ourlives:-)
    I like the phots everybody enjoy to watchs the game seems doesn't worry the cold weather:-)
    I'll toast with your birthday Blue label Johnnie Walker or you might enjoy Jack Daniels Silver Select because you are American:-)
    Enjoy you day,

  8. Enjoyed your pics... and to help celebrate your birthday (in advance), I just poured me a Kentucky Bourbon and Branch to sip on.
    If you aren't really dead set on getting a brand new about getting an older Corvette? They are truely a blast to drive....and insure...maintain....and keep locked up from thieves.

  9. Here I am, late for aother party, Paul.

    I hope your birthday was a happy one and you celebrated to your heart's content.

    I am grateful for the continuing gift of your friendship, and so grateful that you call me friend.

    Loved your essay and the photos. be the age of those young people again (not)!

    Mucho huggos, my friend!

  10. awww man...I missed your birthday? What a bad blog friend I am! Happy belated Birthday my friend! So how old are you now? 40? *giggling and skipping off*