Thursday, November 18, 2010

I suppose your wondering why I called you all here?.

I don't know where the time goes. I go to work and by the time I'm done with that there's something else to do. I know I'm not alone in this. I'm single. Working and having a family must be exhausting. Of course I could just be turning into a crabby old man. I know I'm not alone in that either. Time just swallows up your life.
Hey look. I'm just vamping here until I can remember what I was going to originally write about. Well maybe it will come to me.
Here's something for you Masterpiece Theater buffs. I found this video that featured a dramatic recreation of The Battle of Pearl Harbor. Great Theater! It was quite moving.
Maybe others have mentioned this as I have not been around for a bit, but you must be aware of the big fuss made over those airport scanners. The guy in San Diego left his video running on his phone as the TSA agent was going to give him a pat down. The pat downs now are very "hands on" as in hands on everything. This is tied in with the backlash to those airport scanners which essentially show you naked. We had a dust up very recently here in Boston where people were upset about a choice between getting groped or essentially standing naked in front of  a stranger. See normally groping would be considered a sexual assault, unless it's done by the government. Well suddenly yesterday The head of the TSA here in Boston said that the machines could be altered to make someones body appear as a stick figure. Anything hidden would stick out. There's a joke there. So let's see. They skipped the idea of using stick figures in the first place, and went with, "What the hell! lets look at 'em naked!" I have a friend who is a stick figure and he's very offended at the stick figure choice!
 In the meantime all cargo loaded on a passenger flight goes largely unchecked. In the meantime you as a citizen might be pulled aside because the scanner picked up a stick of gum you left in your pocket. We are spending more and more money on smaller and smaller risks not to mention the amount of aggravation it causes to citizens. To sum up. It seems the plan to protect us at airports offers two choices. Having a stranger look at you naked or, getting felt up by the government. It would make a good game show.
"Welcome to, NAKED! or GROPING! Here's your host...Charley Sheen!"
Maybe they could post a sign at the checkpoint. "Won't see London. Won't see France. Unless we see your underpants."

All of this naked talk dovetails with what I heard on the radio this morning. Fox Television is banning the butt of Homer Simpson. You will no longer have to endure the sight of Homers yellow hindquarters.. Now I honestly don't have the whole story in fact that's all I really have. This show has been on for 20 years. It's Fox's oldest show. I wasn't aware of any problems that can be linked to Homer's yellow ass.
What about other cartoon characters? Does Porky Pig wear pants? I can't remember. Mickey Mouse has pants but his buddy Donald Duck doesn't. Do we have to put pants on Donald Duck! And the same goes for Daffy Duck. No pants. Bugs Bunny. No pants. Did somebody complain about Homers butt? Was someone offended? It's a cartoon! Who knows? Maybe something really big was going down. Maybe the threat posed by Homer's butt would have caused a great disaster but it was caught in time, before it was too late. Maybe the truth will come out in 50 years.

Well I'm still not sure what I was originally going to write about and it's taken me  a couple of days to start and finish this. At least the news provided me with something. I'm done for now.
I'm outta here.


  1. LOL!!! Neither you or I will be here in 50 years so we will never know if the truth came out. I loved this post. It made laugh out loud (different than LOL). Homer's butt is kind of fat and that awful shade of yellow.

  2. Omg, this was funny even though the whole thing was true. Yeah, time is flying and what's worse is when we change the clocks (like now). At 5:30pm it looks like 11pm and I swear, what it does to the brain is amazing. THAT early and I'm calling it a night, changing into pjs, turning on the tv to cringe at the news (that I thought must be the 11:00 but wasn't) and then wonder why I wake up at 1am and can't sleep any longer.
    Homer's yellow behind and the rest? Well, hey, ever think of how all the cartoon characters only have a total of 4 fingers? So does that mean we should start being politically correct about that, too? The American Assoc of Four-Fingeredness. Oh my, I see the lawsuits building already ;)

  3. I am so glad you are back! I thought maybe you run off or was abducted and we would have to send Homeland Security to find your yellow butt.
    I digress, not sure what I was digress'in wait for it...
    Loved the reenactment. The women do such a good job don't they? So accurate.
    I just mentioned last night you don't see ah plethora of comic books anymore on the stands to encourage children to read. Were there naked yellow four fingered pantless cartoon characters in those comic books? Were they all turned into novels and cds? Disney buy the rights and stuck them in ah safe and will bring them out in 25 years at $100 ah comic for a limited time?
    I do hope you post more often cause you miss your best friends whom you....oh ah never mind. I do wish you well Paul and do wish you a happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  4. I could not have written it any better than you did regards the Government and the TSA. HOW long will we have to fore go any semblance to citizen or even human rights? Forever I guess because folks are like sheep and never challenge anything.

  5. Let's see....they found a Muslim guy who boarded a plane overseas and tried to light u bomb in his shoe. So, we now have to take off our shoes. Then some Muslim guy boarded a plane overseas, and tried to set off a bomb in his underwear... so we now have to be groped or body scanned.
    On a frequent basis (in this country) they allow certain select women in Burkas board planes with no examination.
    I guess I'm just a common ole redneck bigot for thinking like this but.... " What the hell is wrong with Profiling?"

  6. Good day to you Paul this blog caught my eye today thank you , it made me chuckle. Hope you don't mind just popped over to say hi. Busy I see you sure do put in some hours.
    Take care Sheila.

  7. HI PAUL!
    (I'm on my way to do some much neglected computer work)
    I'll be back later to post something more...
    I do love a good groping by a stranger, makes me feel...or makes them feel...

  8. Hi Paul,
    it was nice to seen you are back I had seen you at our family blog friends space:-)
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving day!
    Don't drink too much...