Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy who? Not me.

So it's Thursday, my sisters birthday. What's left of my family are gathering at the birthday girls house for a mini celebration. My other sister was picking up a tray (way too much) of Sicilian pizza for a simple but tasty supper. In case you don't know a Sicilian pizza consists of square thick pieces baked in a rectangular pan, with lots of sauce, not just a thin layer of sauce that's painted on, with the shredded cheese put on after the pizza comes out of the oven. In any event I arrived first. There was no cake so the birthday girl sends hubby out to buy a cake. I suppose it's unusual for the person who's birthday it is to be responsible for the cake but at this point in our lives it's more about getting together than it is to give gifts and making a big deal about someones birthday. We've all had many of them. As my brother in law is set to leave my sister reminds him to buy a card. I suppose it pretty sad when the person who's birthday it is has to remind their spouse to buy them a card but this is the way it is. Out he goes. In the mean time my sister and I are just sitting around talking waiting for our sister to arrive. She does with the pizza. 24 roughly, 5 by 5 inch, 1 inch thick pieces of pizza. It's an Italian thing. Make sure you have much too much food. In my family this probably comes from the people who  lived through World War Two and food became very important as you never knew when your next meal might occur. So after giving my sister the appropriate crap for buying too much pizza my brother in law arrives back with a cake but instead of a card he has a cooked chicken. I inquired if it was a Hallmark birthday cooked chicken. It is unknown if the fact that the words card and chicken both start with a C was what caused his confusion. He didn't even sign the chicken. So the three of us proceeded to give him the appropriate crap for substituting a cooked chicken for a birthday card. So after eating a simple supper of tasty pizza and salad the ladies go into the living room probably talking about their cats as they are wont to do. Jim and I are in the kitchen enjoying an adult beverage (OK we were drinking a Budweiser, well we each had our own can.) and my brother in law asks me how old I am. I tell him but a light goes on in my brain. I tell him that my birthday is in December.
"It's not your birthday!" Jim says with a puzzled look.
"No Jim. It's your wife's birthday!"
Now my sisters come back into the kitchen for it is time for cake! The cake is taken out of the refrigerator still in it's bag. My sister takes it out of the bag and places it on the table.
"Happy Birthday Paul!" she exclaims!
A Homer Simpson "DOH!" would have fit perfectly here. Time to dish out more crap! He got it from the 3 of us. All good natured of course.

So here it is a miserable Monday. It's rainy and windy. I'm off and I have no reason to go out so I won't. Later in the week I will be  taking part in a walk for one of my favorite charities, The Walk for Restless Leg Syndrome.
Here are some of my favorite fall photos from the last few years as the brilliant colors are pretty much done around here. I've posted these before but I did not get out this much this year so I feel compelled to post some more as I will have to wait another year and do more travelling especially out to Mt. Greylock in western Ma. It's not that much of a mountain as it is a large hill. We don't mountains here just lot's of hills but it's the highest one we have at about 3200'. Still western Ma. is especially beautiful in the fall with it's rolling hills and valleys in full color. Oh well there's always next year. Some of the shots here were taken in my hometown and the rest were taken in New Hampshire. The first group is from around here.
 These are from New Hampshire.

 Alright. I'm off and...
I'm outta here. 


  1. Oh that birthday story started my day off with a good belly laugh! Thank you Paul!
    I always love your pictures...thank you for the ones you sent and the ones you have posted today.
    Kisses and hugs~A

  2. I know when your birthday is Paul as it is my wedding anniversary. I also know how old you will be because you are the same age as my son in law. I won't tell anyone though 'cause I am such a very nice person. :-)
    I wish you would start making jigsaw puzzles with your photos as they are perfect for that!!

  3. Absolutely outstanding, Paul. Always a pleasure when you post these.

    Enjoyed the birthday blog. :-) Around here..when you get a store bought present, it's still in its paper bag when it's thrust into your hands with a "here!" I guess these things can happen when the family consists of a buncha sons and you're in a mans occupation working with a buncha men. :-)

  4. Thanks ladies. Beth I don't care if anyone knows my age. I will be 59 on my next birthday and I promise to continue to not act my age. And yes you are a very nice person as is everyone else who comes here. I wouldn't know how to go about making jigsaw puzzles.

    Carole I do have to correct you on one thing. I don't work with a bunch of men. In fact I am out numbered by women where I work. Our store manager is a woman but I thank you for your always kind comments.

    Amy as I have told you before I'm so glad that you are around again. You're one of my earliest friends from the other place and I always enjoy you and your offerings.

  5. Loved the birthday gathering story. Did you take those photos? Masterpieces!

  6. Funny, funny post! Loved it. Between yours tonight and Carole's (Ramblingon), my sides will never be the same.
    Paul, all of the photos are truly outstanding, but that first one -- oh myyyyyyy, it took my breath away. Guaranteed you could sell that shot for mega bucks. Just a thought :)

  7. I really enjoy read your birthday report:-)
    My god! 5 by 5 inch pizza though if I have all the time I guess became four by four?
    I love your beautiful photos Paul.
    Keeps it up your happy time.
    Big Hugs,

  8. Thank you Jenny and Michicko for your visits and comments. Michicko I am still working on finding out what state in Austrailia my cousins live in.

  9. Wow, great photos Boston! I really like those. Going to check out more of your posts now.

  10. Nice Photos Boston.
    I think there has been some confusion... My name isn't Amy.
    Have a good one.

  11. Absolutely outstanding and so very very georgeous. I love the reflections Paul. Wow. Just wow. Your location is somthing to behold your photos very moving.

  12. Blessings....

    All that matters is that you are all celebrating her, it doesn't matter who gets the cake or any of that other stuff, its the unity and love gathered just for her. Before a few days ago I had no idea what a silician pizza was however I had to prepare a brochure for a italian pizzeria and in doing the research I gained new knowledge about pizza. Like one little know fact that pizza began in China.

    Love the photos, did you take them yourself? Did you see I used the ones you sent me, the two as one blog entry on wordpress and One as my blog top here on blogger.

    Have a fab one eh....
    Peace & blessings

  13. The autumn colors in your photos are amazing, Paul. You guys were lucky in your part of the country; a few of my friends from Facebook--also in New England--posted photos with the same bright crimsons and golds. Knocked my sox off.

    We had some color in central Iowa, but a few days' high winds stripped most of the trees, so there went our display for this year. Perhaps we'll luck out next year. We'll see.

    Has your part of the state gotten any snow yet? The northwestern part of Iowa has had some respectable accumulations over the past few days, and it will be heading for my neck of the woods soon.

    Personally, I'm not ready for snow yet and am spending a lot of time immersed in a certain river in Egypt: "da Nile".

    Keep toasty, my friend; it's gonna be a long wait until spring.

    *sighs mightily*

  14. Beautiful pics! Keep up the interesting posts, it's not quite as entertaining as "The Guy from Boston", but it is interesting.