Friday, July 2, 2010

I'll try this again

I wrote a post yesterday then I saved it to finish later. When I went back to the draft I couldn't add anything to the post. Something else I just discovered as I am writing this is you can add a question mark to your label but you can't add an exclamation mark. More than likely what happened to yesterdays post was something about this place that I'm not aware of. I'm still learning. I tried to go to Spaces yesterday but I couldn't get around and since I have an MSN email I couldn't get to my mail box. To me it's another nail in the coffin to blogging over there. It's so sad what they've done over there. They've buried the blogging updates so all you get on your update page photo updates and on liners. Spaces claims that blogging is on the wane. I say crapolla! I say they are slowly killing off the blogs, whether purposely or not, by making it needlessly confusing so people will stop blogging. Well congratulations Spaces you are succeeding. I am less and less inclined to blog over there. I am grateful that I have a good chunk of my Spaces friends over here. I know I said I would stop bitching about Spaces but yesterday just just aggravated me to no end.

Al Gore! Al Gore sex maniac! Oh excuse me I mean "crazed sex poodle" Man oh man if I were Al I wouldn't want to be known as a poodle. A Great Dane, a German Sheppard, A Bulldog or perhaps in Al's case a St. Bernard but not a poodle. Of course looking at Al these days I think 'The Pillsbury Dough Boy of Love" is quite appropriate.

Today is the anniversary of Amelia Erhard's disappearance. Here's a little factoid. She lived in my very city, which is actually 5 miles north of Boston, and her sister, who she lived with, was a teacher at my high school and a member of our school committee. We even have a dam named after Amelia. I am going to hunt down the house and take a picture. I have seen it in the past but that was years ago. I do remember seeing a plaque.

I have to admit that it's a kick to having our local 4th celebration on national television. I made a little photo album of pictures that I have taken around Boston. Some of you Spaces Refugees have seen these pictures before but it was something to do yesterday morning as I fumed over Spaces and procrastinated on doing some much needed housework. The music I set it to might also be familiar to some Spacers as I have used it before. It's an original by me. Actually it was three different snippets of the same tune that I grafted together with a program I used to use. I can't use it anymore because it only works with Windows XP, which by the way, I like much better than Windows 7. I never finished the tune but it worked ok and it fit almost perfectly.

Ok kiddies that's it for now. I have a late shift today.

I'm outta here.


  1. I agree with you in the LS things that are going on. We spend half the day tryingt to get around there and by the end it hard to update and even think at time. Glad your here Paul. Im not going back . Its not user friendly Im sure to even MSN and now that is bad but
    Very intereting ablut Emilia I always loved that name and think I might change my name to her. :) She was quite the lady with so much history and infact you know where she lived . I wonder if her house still stands. Boston is an older city with such Character it has to be.
    I cant see your slide show. Sorry to tell you. Dont give up just try again.
    Have a great day my friend.

  2. Now get Marge over her . If you decide to take this mission you will have job and this message will self destruck in 10 seconds.. 007. haha.

    Good Morning. I know Im silly but why not. We only live once and lets make the best of it.

  3. I was going to put down written by Scare Face but you know who I am. . Yup up too early.

  4. PS I hope you can read thought my typos . Should have rechecked them all again.

  5. Lisa I will write Marge. Thanks for your support over the last few years. You are hardly Scareface Lisa.

  6. P.S. The video worked. I just tried it.

  7. The Boston Beaner hit the head of the nail with a ka...boom, WLS has yet to grab its ears and extract its head from posterior ventilator.

    I do not tweet or FB because i prefer a blog and blogging will live on. Writers even survived Fahrenheit 451 and will survive WLS stupidity, so i say blog on.

  8. I haven't tried it yet. I was just getting ready to bring over March 06 blogs..thought I would stop in. :-)

  9. You probably already say this, but if you didn't here is the WL article about Spaces:

  10. Good evening Paul. I enjoyed your video as always and your music is wonderful. I am sorry you got frustrated at spaces. Sounds like it has gotten worse. I hope you have a pleasant night working. Till later my friend.

  11. I am finding blogger pretty user friendly as I find my way around. I have never had any problems with the Drafts. You just have to got to Edit Blog and pick your draft out. I'm glad you all are here now. I missed everyone. ann

  12. Oh...and I wonder if Al has a thing about pants too. ppppssstttt!!!

  13. How did I miss this post from Bean Town? I thought of you this past week as Wheel of Fortune had reruns of the show filmed in Boston last year.
    If we have to leave spaces it is good to have our friends come on along with us.
    Have a wonderful 4th Paul.

  14. P. S. I like the new background.

  15. A tenderloin is cut from pork loin. It is about 1/4 inch or a bit thicker. It is breaded and deep fried. It is my favorite sandwich. I like it with LOTS of catsup and LOTS of pickles.

  16. A little bit of everything here, Paul--something for everyone: sex (The Gore thing), violence (the MSN/Spaces thing), music (your wonderful video), a bit of history (again, your cool video), and a nice snack at the end (Beth's cool comment...made me hungry and breakfast is still several hours away...).

    I was in a bit of a blue funk when I first got here, but your blog helped a lot. Hope the FDA doesn't get wind of it--I might have to get a prescription to visit!!!

    Cool thing is, your writing is an antidepressant; even cooler--no nasty side effects. Well, apart from the fact I peed myself from laughing so hard...

    Yer a good egg, even here at Blogger. Glad I found you again.

    Now let's see if Blogger will post this comment...