Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've got  video I took during the fire. I made a little movie. I added some music so it's a tad dramatic but then a house fire is dramatic. On last little bit of the video I tried out some of the effects in the movie maker I got as far as the second effect and it revealed flames that you wouldn't see otherwise. The effect seemed to emphasize the hot spots. I will post all the photos over at Spaces. That's the one thing that I like about Spaces and was the real reason I started there in the first place. Blogging came a bit later.
I'm outta here.


  1. WOW!! The video is excellent. I am so happy your house wasn't involved.
    I cannot tolerate fake eggs. ;-)

  2. I liked how you did the effects at the end there. Fake eggs an toast, dry toast? Hope you have a great weekend. Oh and I thought of you when I heard about the duck boat accident. Wow huh?

  3. Impressive, Paul; I'm a little out of the loop right now, having not been back to Spaces for awhile; I'll stop by your old digs and check out anything you left behind: old entries, updates, comments, silverware...

    Want me to box up anything and bring it back here with me?

    Back soon!



  4. Let me have a look! Here I am in comments before I look at the movie! Gees.

  5. Wow.. Paul you really do an amzing job on these. Thanks for letting me know how you make them. When I have the time and I need energy to do this I will give it a try and when I get one I will deciate it to you if its half good. It could be bad the first try or maybe I should leave it to you. Ok I ll stop talking. :)
    Love the music. Brilliant.
    and Tell Marge to stay here with us all.
    We all love her so much.