Thursday, July 22, 2010

Long story shor...well we'll see.

I googled my own blog and was mildly surprised at how many blogs and web sites were named Blogzilla. I did think of the name myself just like like a bunch of other people did. I made it up just to give the blog a name. I could still change it. Interesting huh!?
I have not traveled around this year like I did the last few years so I haven't taken many pictures. A few here, there. Here's one that I took a couple of weeks ago. I have been by this spot many times and taken the odd photo. I thought nothing about it. Then I looked at it a couple of days ago and I really like it.

Saturday night was an interesting weather night. Severe thunder storms and tornado warnings with hail stones the size of Kate Smith were issued though no tornado's were reported. Two storm cells travelling from the north west made there way diagonally across the state. To my north was another storm cell in Manchester New Hampshire, about 40 or 50 miles away.The 4 major TV networks were on for about an hour and a half giving updates. We (me) didn't get much severe weather but we (me) did get some rain, lots of thunder and lightning. Me, I mean, my windows lit up a number of times with bright white flash of lightning. I stood outside in the very damp air and aimed my camera at an area of the sky and tried to capture lightning. I got one. It's not even as good as another I took some time ago. But I did get one. It's not a real good picture. This is it right out of the camera.

I tried to enhance it and balance the light and the contrast and so on but they aren't that much better than the raw shot. Here are other versions of the picture.

I don't know why I had a problem making the third picture larger but it really doesn't matter.
I have not been at my computer at all for about two days for various reasons. I suppose it's not a bad thing to pull away from the computer every now and then. Most of the time I was working odd ball hours. Hey I picked retail. I am off today but I have some things to do. This blog ended up being something totally different than I had intended and I don't feel like typing anymore. Gotta go.
I'm outta here.


  1. Good Morning Paul, good to see a post from you again. We were all wondering was happening in your part of the world. The pictures are awesome and the cartoon has me laughing which I really needed to do.

  2. I wondered where on earth you had goeen to. This saved you a female sort of "is everything alright?" letter from me.

  3. The pictures are really good; I can hear the cracklin' all the way over here. In fact, I wish I could since there's still no rain or relief from this awful triple digit heat. Hey, I'd appreciate it if you'd even take a regular old envelope and fill it with some water and mail it down, lol.
    Paul, I googled my blog, too. Both the one from WLS and the one over here and it was the same as what you saw. A gazillion with the same title as mine. That's ok. It proves Great Minds Think Alike!

  4. Now that is ah picture for Steven King's header on his blog. Or maybe "As You Said". I like the second one of the fierce lightening. So glad you touched base with us....Home Run!

  5. like the elephant.... you probabably copied that also from someone in DC.... poor us on the north end gettin all the do doo....

    Storms are so dramatic and fun to watch at a distance.

  6. Wow I love the lighting Paul. Outstanding. I have never tired yet. Now maybe that I see yours I might.
    Love the other photo too. I havent been out that much either. Im staying close to home and other places.
    Nice to see you have been out . More . More. More. :)

  7. and I googled my blog too . Its the only one. You can still change your name. We know who you are and cant hide..

  8. First of all, Paul ( rhymes...), it's good to find you back again. Impressive photo of lightning you captured and the different adjustments to it were equally dramatic. We've had some lightning here in central Iowa, but I haven't been...shall I say "thinking creatively enough" or "crazy enough" get any photographs of it. It's still storming on Day Two and a few minor flashes have lit up the curtains since I started writing this. You, Lisa, and Toodie are the photographers in the family, so I'll just leave that to you kids...

    That first photo was a hoot...are you sure you didn't have a hand in creating it? And the image of the scenic river was absolutely beautiful! I noticed the abundance of rose hips on the plants along that stone edging--haven't seen that many in a long time!!!

    About your blog's name? I don't know...JennyD may've nailed it when she said "great minds think alike". I wonder, though, if "Bloggenstein's Monster" ever crossed your mind, or "The Blog From The Black Lagoon". or "Blog 9 From Outer Space"...

    maybe not...

    Well, the voices are telling me I need to get off the computer and get some work done today, so I'd better listen to 'em.

    They're also saying you're still a good egg.

    They're right, of course...

  9. You were built blog castle paul:-)
    the photos are beautiful ..
    you seems happy too?
    see you in short time Paul,
    Take care,

  10. Think I'll hang out here on your front porch until you come back, Paul. It's kinda quiet here at the moment.

    Keeping busy? Any squirrelly customers to write about?? Found any sox you lost in the laundry lately???

    Miss ya, guy; come back soon?

    *hugs Paul bigly*

  11. Paul, I'm concerned...would you post an update and let us know you're okay?

    ...It's pretty lonesome out here by myself on your front porch, y'know...

  12. *went home for blankie and pillow*

    *camps out on Paul's front porch*

    *waits patiently*