Monday, June 28, 2010

Yesterday and it appears today were oppressively hot and humid. This is my least favorite weather. It almost makes me long for the scene to the left. Almost. I have to say as I have become older (Hey when did that happen?) I have become more tolerant of this type of weather. I still don't like it though. In the winter you can always put another layer on. In the summer you can only take so much off both realistically and legally.

Oh yes there are spies among us. Yesterday, Monday, a couple living in Cambridge, the very city of my employment, a couple, claiming to be of Canadian origin were arrested by the F.B.I. for spying for Russia. There were 8 or 9 other people in 3 other states arrested as part of 9 year investigation. According to what I heard on the news they, the spies, were trying or did penetrate the inner circles of U.S. policy making. They lived about a mile from my store. I wonder if they ever came to my counter? It's like suddenly we were transported back in time to the 50's and 60's when Russia, The Soviet Union, was the big enemy of the U.S. We were all worried about having the big one dropped on us. Some people actually built bomb shelters under their homes. My friend's fathers had one. My friend took me down there one day when his parents were out. Basically it was a fairly small concrete room with an old wooden chair and some kind of rusted pump. It made me wonder if a nuclear bomb were dropped and you survived in the shelter. When do you come out? And what surprised me the most was there was no toilet! Need I say more?

There's not much else going on around here except today is supposed to be just about like yesterday except it won't be quite so hot. Upper 80's instead of mid 90's though it will still be humid before we get a break later today or tomorrow. All looks quite good for the 4th of July festivities at the Esplanade with the Boston Pops. I went once back in the 70's. That was enough for me. I'm not big on crowds though I could park in the lot where I work and walk down to the Charles River and check out the fireworks. Nah. I'll watch on television. Of course I could be working at the time and see nothing.

Ok it's time to check out what's going on in the cyber world including Spaces. Wish me luck!
And to resurrect on old sign off...
I'm outta here.


  1. This is the first time I have been the first to comment on my own blog but I just want to say that the layout didn't quite come out the way I thought it would. Oh well live and learn.

  2. Oh the bomb shelters back in the day. They never gave it ah thought that when you come out of the shelter the radiation will kill you and the radiation would be around for like 400 years! Times haven't changed as our government still can't plan for ah disaster! There's spys everywhere to this day my friend. I don't think that will ever change. Old? No, call it seasoned! The photo vibes does cool one off for ah moment. Thank you for the wonderful comment my friend.

  3. I have a few issues with the layout too, but I have learned to Preview a lot.
    My thought on bomb shelters: Why would you want to survive? I'm just sayin'...
    The 4th here is fun. We have friends with boats and we go out on the river and boat down to where they have the fire works; watch from the river.
    Wonder what the spies found out that you couldn't just get from the internet????

  4. I have played with my layout so many times that I finally gave up and went back to what I had the first time. I like your background.
    Hng tight Paul because in a couple of days you should have this wonderful weather we are having today in the 70s.
    I agree with Day Dreamer about the bomb shelter, makes you wonder what the whole point of the thing is.

  5. I think you spell hang as h a n g rather than h n g. Sorry!!

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  7. Over on Spaces, I saw that you were looking for the info on how to post a YouTube video on Blogger. I have linked it below. This is how I do mine, I don't use the video upload tool. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Gerry :)

  8. Hi Boston Boy! I used to think as I grew older, what on earth a person would do after the biog one dropped as everyone has said, the radiation will kill ya!

  9. Here I am to offer my own special kinda sunshine, Paul, old pal...

    I read somewhere that the most likely survivors of a nuclear holocaust would be the cockroaches; seems the little buggers can live through just about anything. Well...not quite; they were exposed to some classic polka tunes and half of the specimens went belly-up...

    Last chance--my offer to box up and bring back stuff from Spaces is about to expire...