Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What am I doing here?

I suppose you could read that title two ways. WHAT am I doing here or what am I doing HERE? The emphasis in both sentences are valid. I don't know if I can maintain two blogs but I'll give it a shot. The main reason I'm here is the same reason that several of my friends from Windows Live Spaces have come over here. Spaces is becoming a confusing, complicated, convoluted mess. They are trying really hard to take the fun out of blogging. At least for me and others. This blog is a work in progress. I may change the design. I still don't understand all of the settings. This will come in time, I hope. There are or were people here who were refugee's from Spaces when they "improved" things back in Dec. 2008. It's worse now. I would have a hard time closing my Space over there on Spaces because of all the people who I really like and all that I have written over the last two and a half years. No my writing won't win a Pulitzer Prize but it's the only writing I have ever done. I also have a ton of photo's posted over there.I am here testing the waters. So I'm here Lisa, Ann, Toodie, Beth and Carole. Hope I didn't forget anybody. I am a virgin around here so please be gentle.


  1. Hey, Im so glad your here. I love the music and photos here. Can you teach me how to do this pleasssssse..
    This made my day and so did you Paul.
    What music is playing on this one. I really love it.

  2. Hey Paul, I am so glad you spelled convoluted right.
    Please tell me too how you got the video on here. Great job!!!

  3. You are doing 1 billion percent better than I will ever do on the blog I started. I'm just a clunker when it comes to computer fixings. SO glad you started.

  4. You are HERE or You ARE here! Oh happy day! It's like riding ah bike or riding a horse or cuttin cheese, you don't forget. Different clicks but your doing good so far. I really enjoyed your photo album. Did I mention I was glad to see you here?

  5. Thanks to all of you. Getting the video on here was rather easy. I uploaded it right from my computer no third party involved! Right now I can't remember were I went to upload it. I think it's right below where you write your blog. I can't think of 4 better friends to start me off here.

  6. Im with Carol. Have been gone for a few days from my blog too.
    Hope all is well in Boston.
    Its raining here tonight and very nice

  7. Hi Bostonboy, Cool slideshow!
    You're right on Spaces being a mess. That's also why I moved here. Once you get used to all the capabilities of Blogger, it would be very hard to get used to Spaces again. Have a nice week!
    Gerry :)

  8. Okay, so now you all have to get on Face Book so you can post your blogs there for easy access. Hi you all, its been a long time!! Glad you got yourself on here Paul, I've missed you too. And your pants of course...

  9. BTW...funniest profile photo EVER! Pppppssstttt!!!!

  10. Good morning...

    I had to come visit because I love your your Blog name..."Blogzilla" I like it!!!

    Yes, I am trying to make the transition too...I'm still stumbling around. But some of our friends are giving us that homey feeling.

    I really did enjoy Windows Live Spaces...Maybe they will hear (listen to) us long time blog-heads. So...For now I will keep the "original" Blog Quest open for business.

    Thank you for letting me visit and be like Lil Ms. Ramblin' On...

    But I have no cat!!! Yet???

    Have a wonderful week...Greg

  11. PS - First time commenter...Long time Celtics fan. "Everybody's heard about the Bird...Bird! Bird! Bird is the word!"

    What can I say...Four shot espresso this morning.

  12. You know, Paul, when I scuttled the Little Boat, I thought I would miss the old tub...I haven't, really. Guess the time came, and I had to move on.

    I left one old friend, but others were here and I'll work on reconnecting with everyone as I get my land legs back.

    "See" ya soon, old chap!