Sunday, June 5, 2016

Once again, back online.

Yup, I got kicked off Xfinity again. This time I lost the television service as well. Just the room I'm staying in. Televisions and wireless internet access weren't affected in the rest of the house. Back at my apartment I had the less expensive DSL connection and never had a problem. My sister had to call them again to straighten it out once again. I am not a fan of Xfinity.

Though I have been made to feel comfortable and have the run of the house, I can't wait to get back to my own place. It's one thing to be bored at your own place it's something else to be bored at someone else's place. I have become so bored that I am reading one of my sisters books, a biography of Vivian Vance, also known as Ethel Mertz of I Love Lucy fame. The book itself is interesting, but apart from that and going to see Arlene and working three days a week I am getting antsy to go home. Today (Sat.) the big excitement were low flying planes going right over the house. It was a beautiful day and the planes started around 7a.m. Living near a big city has it's perks but living there also means you live near it's airport. Landing an takeoff patterns change for various reasons. I imagine weather is a big factor . But Saturday morning they were flying over, low, early and often. A little over a minute apart for what seemed like two hours. 

So now it's Sunday. It's overcast and rainy. In all reality I won't be back in my own place until July, but at least one of those weeks will be a vacation week. Now I have to say there have been a lot of laughs while I have been living here. My sister and I have always gotten along and I do get along with my brother in law but he has been the butt of many jokes. He always leaves himself wide open for some smartass remarks. Nothing really mean, but I have had to bite my tongue on more than one occasion. My sister has no such filter. They can be a most entertaining couple.
So here I am. It's a little past noon on Sunday. In an hour or two I will be heading to Arlene's then we will be heading for a lovely meal at our favorite local restaurant, Raso's. I'm thinking of two of my favorite dishes there, Spaghetti Limoncello. It's made with artichoke hearts, roasted peppers and lemon wine sauce. You can have it with either chicken or shrimp. Then there's Spaghetti Puttanesca made with olives, capers, artichoke hearts and roasted peppers. You can have it with tonno (tuna). Both are delicious, or you could have a burger, pizza, prime rib etc. Then there is a nice selection of seafood dishes. It doesn't look like much on the outside or the inside for that matter. It's on a street that is mostly home to car dealerships, trucking companies and other businesses. Not very picturesque and it leads straight into Boston. It's one of the 4 oldest roads in the city that date back to the early-mid 1600's but the food is top shelf. It's nice to have this quality of Italian food without having to go into Boston.
Ok, I'm out of gas. It's time to call the boss.
I'm outta here.  




  1. You have no choice but to stick it out and just do what you can to get by. You'll be back in the driver's seat soon. Raso's sounds like a wonderful place. Jealous.

  2. blessings welcome back.
    There is nothing like having your own space.
    Those planes look pretty low base on the size though I imagine you were quite a distance away. The noise must be frightening!

  3. Boston Boy, It's been a long time since I have heard," It's top shelf. " I think a friend of mine in Chicago used to say that. Yikes those plane...too many too close. Oh I know you will be more than ready to get back into your own place. Getting along with your sister is good. But I truly understand how you must feel I do not think I could ever live with my siblings again. I better not say never...cause good grief we do not what is in our futures. I am sending good wishes to you and to Arlene...Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. HI!!!! I am actually on this computer. Glad you have a comfortable place to live. I am into Chinese food as Jon loves it and now I do too. I've been at the camper quite a bit. Fishing and getting toasted like the marshmallows. Planes can make LOUD noise! Can you hear someone talk? TV? Email me sometime dang it. Miss you friend. I hope your vacation will be the bomb as the kids say.