Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Entering week four

Monday was a nice day that eventually clouded over. I sat on the back porch and saw how packed together all the houses were in this neighborhood. More so than my neighborhood a few streets away. And then there's the continuous chatter and racket from the birds. After seeing a blue jay, though I really know nothing about birds, and what I think was a cardinal, I figured as was sitting there doing nothing I might try to get some shots. As it turned out all the pictures had to be cropped because none of the birds were real close. The blue jay seemed to know when I was going to press the button. They were not worth showing. He or she would zip off before I could get a shot. None of these pictures are academy award winners.


There are three movies being made about the marathon bombing. Patriots Day, Boston Strong, and Stronger. I don't know why there will be three but Patriots Day is in the area filming right now. The surviving brother bomber was captured in the nearby city of Watertown but the city did not want to be part of the movie so street scenes are being filmed in the area including around here and yes there have been Mark Wahlberg sightings by Arlene's daughters who went to a local church, who's parking lot was used as a staging area for some of the night street scenes. I've not seen any of the filming but who knows in the next few weeks...?
From what I understand, the three movies will all be told from different perspectives, the victims, their families, the media, and the police. Still I don't know why there has to be three movies. All the same it is kind of neat having Hollywood around.

Because of Arlene's work schedule we will not be able to go to Martha's in the early fall/late summer though it is our favorite time to go, so we compromised. We will take a long weekend in New Hampshire. New Hampshire is a beautiful state and it's fantastic in the fall. In the winter there's skiing but I'm not a skier. Did it once and that was enough for me. At that time of the year there's a lot of snow up there but they deal with it better than here because there is no big, crowded metropolitan area with streets that go any which way to drive you nuts.
Here's a  two minute slide show from 2008. It starts with a quick trip we took to Maine but it's followed by shots of New Hampshire in summer and fall.

Arlene tells me that they have replaced all the windows in my old place and from what I heard from my landlord, so far things are coming along. Still as nice as it is to be living with my sister, I need my own place. It's just not the same. I feel like their 64 year old son. Ok enough whining. At least I'm not the guy sleeping on the park bench.
Time to eat.
I'm outta here.


  1. So glad things are going well with the redo of your place. I sure know how it is to be put with others and not be too comfortable being there. Ughh the sooner they get done the better. Your bird shots look better than MINE.. I mean every time the cardinal Family comes to my patio if I move an inch they fly away. I have no long lens. Hang in there.. I sure hope they continue to do the work and get it done fast. ..Enjoy the Memorial day holiday.

  2. Patience will pay off in the end. It will be so nice for you when you move back into your own place that the wait will be worth it. You are so very lucky to have a temporary home with your sister, though and she is probably happy to have you close by for a bit. I'll even bet she cooks for you!

  3. Your photos are beautiful, and the sign "You'll never get to work on time! HAHA!" on your header made me laugh hysterically. :)

  4. Boston Boy, I know you are so thankful to be able to have a place to stay till your "new" apartment is ready. Oh I would hate to live with any of my family again. How do the Amish do it?? LOL..just kidding. Three movies, seems a bit much. Sure hope things go well on your trip. You'll be so ready for a vacation. Blessings, hello to Arlene, xoxo, Susie