Thursday, May 19, 2016

Finally back on line

Editors note. That's me the editor. Hey call me Ed. What you are about to read is not so much a blog, as a collection of dairy entries. I started this blog on Sunday May 8. I'm not sure what day it will end on. Living here I am out of my element. It's like living back at home with my parents. I have my own room!    

Testing testing... well it's taken a bit of doing but I finally am back on line. I am living at my sisters house and it is closing in on two weeks that I have been here. For the most part it has worked out well except I now park on the street instead of a driveway. On the third day as I went to my car to run and errand and what do I see? Somebody had hit my rear drivers side door while making a turn. now aside from all that it has been mostly entertaining. All that's missing is a laugh track as I watch my sister and brother in law go through their daily routine. I've had to adjust to a small room with a small bed but every time I start to feel sorry for myself I think about the homeless guy I see sleeping on a bench on my way to work, just  a stone throws from Harvard. I don't have it so bad. If all goes according to plan I should be back in my new apartment, upstairs from my old one, in about six weeks. That last week also coincides with Arlene's vacation week, a week I also took off, because that's when we are going back to you know where (M.V.). There will only be one trip this year because this is turning out to be a very expensive year. We are lucky that we can go at all. Still we can't wait. 

Today (Sat. May 14) as I write this it is a spectacular day. The temperature is around 78 with a beautiful blue sky.

May 19. A few years ago I hurt my left leg while on vacation. It was painful but over time it got better. Every once in a while I would get a twinge but for the most part it's been fine...until I moved. Although I got a lot of pledges of help nobody was fit enough to help me carry stuff. My brother in law was wheezing after carrying on box. My friend Dave also volunteered the use of his car but he has certain health issues that only allows him to carry just a few light things. Well a few weeks after the move my leg started acting up and it has become difficult for me to go upstairs. Now apart from that I'm fine. I have no problem picking up and carrying around 50 or 60 pounds because I do it routinely at work however carrying things up stairs has become an issue. I realized that I have over stressed my leg during the move. This was something I never thought about while I was packing and going to the storage facility because it felt fine. Back at my old house I have about 15 boxes stacked on my washer and dryer that I will have to carry up two flights as when I move back as I will be living on the second floor. I guess I will have to have the movers do it.

May 19. It's a nice day today and Arlene, her daughter and I will be hitting the movies later on this afternoon. Arlene had a similar accident on her leg a few years ago. She has a part time job watching children in an after school program. She loves watching these kids (aged 5-7) and finds them very amusing. She was talking to a little girl, discussing her (Arlene's) leg issue and the little girl said her grandfather had the same problem with his leg. Arlene asked her how her grandfather was doing with his leg. Her answer, "He died."

So in 4 weeks we will be heading south to you know where and hopefully when we get back I will be moving to my new place one floor up from my old place.

Ok that's it for now. I do miss being on blogger as often as I was and I will be back on a more soon. My routine has been disrupted and I can't wait to get back into a more routine...uh...routine.
I am outta here.   


  1. Hang in - it's bound to get better (your leg) and your life will too. I was just glad to know you haven't left for good! Hope you move back sooner than later. Deep breath...Hang in.

  2. Lordie sounds really busy and stressful. I sure hope you rest that leg and give it some TLC because all that running up the stairs when you move .. well it could hurt just sayin..
    Hate to be negative about it but that is the reason I am on the first floor. LOL Take care and sorry about your car.. that sucks!! :-(

  3. Boston Boy, Just now saw this post. Listen I feel that you are a very smart man and I am hoping the "hurt" you are talking about isn't like a deep muscle kind of hurt...Just saying, there's a difference in muscle hurt and joint hurt. Never take a chance with blood clots...please. I am hoping you and Arlene have the best vacation ever. I pray everything goes smoothly in your move back. Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. don't be mad that I have to give "mommy" advise..damn can't help myself.

  4. Blessings my friend
    Welcome back.
    Its challenging living with others when you've had your own space but its temporary.
    There comes a time when you are older that old aches return.
    You take care of yourself.