Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ya know I can tell I'm getting old, or let's say older. I still work 3 days a week, 20 to 24 hours. Working in a supermarket is more physical than one might think, not to mention all the walking. Now I can still work rings around all the young whippersnappers. Then driving home, which depending on the time I leave, can take 30 minutes to an hour. I get back to my sister's house, park along a chain link fence on the side of the house. There's no sidewalk, just grass and it slopes down from the fence. I get out of the car and all the adrenalin from work is gone and my legs are a bit rubbery particularly my left leg that I injured several years ago on vacation.
All of a sudden I feel 15 years older, trying to walk on the sloping ground or it could look like I was three sheets to the wind. I feel tired. I've noticed this in the last year so I guess I can attribute it to aging, then again I'm looking forward to slowing down when I can fully retire in 8 or so months.

So we leave tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. The weather looks good but I have to say checking it often over the last few weeks it's gone from cloudy and rainy to mostly sunny, to a couple of sunny days and rain, and so on. At this point it looks good. If we get to the pier in Woods Hole early enough we may have a good chance of taking an earlier ferry.

I have to say I have had an absolutely horrible diet today. For some reason I had a hankering for doughnuts. Though I admit to having a doughnut every once in a while, for the most part when I wake and feel hungry I make a proper breakfast. Not today. I asked my sister and brother in law if they would like some doughnuts. So out I went at about 8:00. Soon we were all enraptured with the doughnutty goodness that are doughnuts. I ate two, a  honey dipped cruller and a coconut doughnut. No lunch, because that nutritious breakfast carried me through. To balance things out though, I did have an apple. Then it was hot dogs and beans for supper. It's not that I dislike hot dog and beans, I just don't have hot dogs very often because they're loaded with sodium. One nice twist, my sister made a caprese salad which wouldn't normally be associated with beans and franks. Then we all sat out on the back porch started talking like a bunch old farts. Yes we entered old fartdom.
"Look how much energy those kids have. They never stop."
"I hope I remember to bring my knee brace on vacation."
"I had to get up three times and pee last night."

So it's after 10:00 p.m. I have to be up in seven hours. I'm not sure what we're going to do on the island, but that really doesn't matter. It's five days away from here. I will check in from down there.
I'm outta here.      



  1. Blessings....
    ah the joys of aging.
    I hear my mother uttering the same things but sadly am uttering along with her, so what does that say? I think back in the day certain pains were associated with old age though now I don't think so anymore, pain is pain and damn it, its not waiting for old age anymore.

    Well you take it easy, enough yourself to the fullest and please take care of you.

  2. I await your vacation report. (Guess I'd rather get old than not!) Now I know why my mother didn't talk much about aging. I don't tell my daughters much, either. Just go on...going on...

  3. I thinking of some people are unless she or him forget to tie not battery clock I couldn't get keyed picture which said seven o clock it's was nice time which is handy to parents home!

  4. Boston Boy, I wanted to send hugs and kisses to you and Arlene for your trip.LOL...blast. I missed getting a comment out in time. I am praying it is a great trip full of pleasant sunny days and good times. Bless you,xoxo, Susie
    p.s. you cracked me up talking old fart talk. LOL

  5. Hi Paul have a wonderful time your post made me laugh. I do hope you get some fine weather. It has been very wet for June this year here.
    I am just hoping July brings fine weather for everyone. Have Fun.