Monday, June 27, 2016

Churches Pier

The weather all week was wonderful. We had to put one night aside for Nancy's Restaurant on Church's Pier. We hoped we could get a table on the balcony and we did as it faces west. I wanted to replicate the wonderful sea scallop dinner I had last year. The pan seared scallops were wonderful, as good as last year. I do have to say that the rice was undercooked and pretty much tasteless. The string beans were equally blah. I give the meal a squatting ovation. Still it did nothing to change the pleasant weather and lovely sunset. We sat right at the railing and behind us was a party of 8. They were yucking it up and having a grand time. They were loud but that was ok. Lots of laughter and good natured teasing. It was fun listening to them have fun. 
Here's some video from that night.

This was an unusual combination of businesses. An Asian restaurant/paint store. "I'll have an order of rice with mangled pork, some kung poo chicken thingies and a couple of gallons of patio red." 

On the third day in I started think that maybe I was beginning to tire of the place. This was our twelfth trip since 2010. We'd seen just about all the sights and I had thoughts that maybe we should give old Martha a break. Then we went back to the cliffs. It was a spectacular day and everything was just so beautiful. Unfortunately though I brought a camera I left the memory stick in the computer so no pics, though I do have many already.

Though I posted this picture last blog it turns out that this house belongs to the guy who founded the Norton Anti-virus program.

A park one block over from the hotel. I would walk here every morning, then walk up to the main road and sit by the ocean for a while, cross the street and walk back up to the hotel.

The weather was outstanding all week and continues so to this very moment. Even though I said I was a little tired of going to the island, by the last evening we took another walk to the above area as the sun was setting. There were some people on the beach. A guy was tossing a tennis ball into the water and his two dogs would race into the water to retrieve it. People collecting shells. A few couples walking on the beach and all of a sudden I was sad because we were leaving the next morning. There were people from around the world and this country. Cars from Illinois, New Mexico and Oregon. Then there were the more typical plates from Massachusetts, the rest of the New England states, New York and Pennsylvania. 

A shop owner told us that last week was the last week before it got crazy with 100,000 people arriving in July and August. We got out just in time. I still would like to go back in September if Arlene's job with the school system allows. Not to mention the financial aspect. Still I am lucky to have been able to afford it and I thank the guy back in 1972 who talked me into my original companies 401k plan. The original company was so good to us.

Ok, this is the last day of my vacation. We are getting ready for a ride to New Hampshire.

I'm outta here.


  1. Imagine the trips you and Arlene could try when you're fully retired! You may be able to say, "I've been there!" when people rave about their vacation spots. You sure have experienced the Vineyard thoroughly.

  2. Boston Boy, I get mad at myself if I miss your posts. I need to revamp my blog so I know when My friends are posting. Well I consider you a friend. LOL. I knew that very feeling you had when you thought you were maybe tired of the vineyard then felt sad about leaving. I have had that many times when I would go to Daytona Beach every Feb. for 21 years. While I was going it seemed the best I think back and think," damn, I was boring,I should have gone other places." I am glad you and Arlene had that nice trip both needed it . Blessings to you both, xoxo, Susie

  3. blessings......
    sometimes the company makes the meal.
    I met a friend on Thursday at the subway, he said lets go eat, not our usually stomping ground in terms of eatery, so we went to the closest we knew. Neither of us has ever eaten there, it was pretty forgettable, everything was blah the up side, the company was good.

  4. Looks a wonderful place and always worth a visit . Blue skies and lovely food and lovely company sounds wonderful. Love the pictures Paul, safe journey home.