Saturday, October 3, 2015

I'm still here.

Well Arlene and I watched the lunar eclipse, (last week) and as we watched we also talked about the future. I mentioned that perhaps in the future I would like to move from here to New Hampshire. Now as I have said many times I love Boston. I love living so close to Boston. It is a wonderful city with much to offer. It is a very compact big city with so much history and innovation that it has offered to the country and the world. The very means that I am writing this got it's start right here. It is a world center for education. In fact I would say very few places , if any can measure up to the number of colleges and universities within it's city limits, not to mention it's metropolitan area. The medical institutions are second to none.   It's a very crowded place for it's physical size. The road layout is as old as the city. It's crowded and can be very difficult to get around. From various spots in my local city it's easy to see the Boston skyline. As we have become older though it's not as easy to deal with.
We have both have worked in downtown Boston over the years and depending on what time our jobs began, a five mile trip can take an hour. If I had to be at work at 6 a.m. I could be there in 15 minutes. If it was 8 a.m. then I could count on an hours commute. Long story short I brought up the possibility of moving north to New Hampshire. The Massachusetts New Hampshire border is only 20 minutes away from where we live. New Hampshire is a beautiful place and quite rural compared to here . There are as many people in the state as there are in downtown Boston  during the day. Boston proper is only 48 square miles. The cost of living is quite high. Third in the nation. This is still in the future. I will still be working part time for a little over a year then after that I want to be fully retired.
Just one more picture of the fabulous sea scallop dinner I had you know where.

 I just couldn't stand it anymore. I put on the heat today. It was 50 degrees outside and it was 50 degrees inside. At least now I'm at a toasty 64. I have no big plans for the weekend except purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. The old one swallowed something it could not digest and let out a horrible screeching sound. I tried to take it apart but to no avail. How to get rid of the old one is more of a problem than buying a new one. The trash service wants $25 to take it away. I will try to avoid that at all costs. Perhaps I will do that on Sunday since I am apparently not doing it today.

I hope to get back to blogging on a more regular basis. I have been busy, not home as often as I would like to be. I did my boss a favor and worked a full 40 hour week and now I have to cut back because I lose whatever extra money I get from work on my social security check. Though it's been about a year and a half since Arlene and I retired from full time work, we are still in an adjustment phase. We're both still working part time. I'm doing it to keep my insurance coverage until the time that I can sign up for the state health care coverage, she's doing it for some extra cash.

Well that's it for now. Not an exciting posting but a posting none the less.
I'm outta here.


  1. HI! Love your Fall photo header. I didn't think you to be a country boy. You may miss the city.
    Speaking of you know where, Us golden girls went to Red Lobster today. I can now scratch that off my bucket list. I'll be on the road again to Way UP north by my friends aunt. It's flannel shirt an jeans place and I love it! Take care and have a great rest of weekend.

  2. Stop apologizing about not posting for a while. When you do, we'll read and laugh a little, when you don't we'll know too and check in again in a day or so. Today was worth the wait to see that beautiful scene! WOW! I really think you will remain a city boy but will be able to experience country life more often when you retire. Think of the travels you will do! You could even sty a while before returning to your roots.

  3. Hi Boston Boy, You could still get into Boston when you wanted from the border , right? Don't pay 25 for the trash dudes to take that sweeper....take it apart and make little bundles for the trash can , a little at a time. LOL. Turn it into lawn art. LOL. The dinner you posted looked so tasty. I am ready for some good sea food... Blessings, xoxo,Susie