Monday, October 19, 2015

Krystle Campbell Memorial Park dedication October 18, 2015

Sunday was partly sunny, mostly cloudy and quite chilly made worse by gusts of wind. The city here locally has set aside a piece of land as a memorial to the Marathon bombing victims, specifically Krystle Campbell who lived here along with her family. As it turned out she lived around the corner from me. I did not know her but Arlene did. Her daughters went to school with Krystle and they played together. Through my relationship with Arlene I became connected with the situation.

The city has dedicated a piece of land for the park and they organized a dedication. There were three bands. One from Boston University, the Boston Police Drum and Pipes and a local band. A Boston TV news anchor hosted the event. Krystle's family was there seated to the right of the podium. I'm not sure of the exact number but at least four of the over 200 bombing victims were in attendance. It was a well done, moving event climaxing with the hoisting of a huge American flag.

A fairly large crowd was in attendance though I have no way of estimating how many locals were there, as well as all the local Boston TV and cable outlets.

It was a very moving experience. Victims spoke along with the mayor, politicians etc. but the most moving moment was when Krystle's father made a brief statement and as soon as he finished a light snow fell for about a minute. Timing is everything.

It was a sobering afternoon.

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    1. I wanted you to know I thought you may have posted and you minute ago. Amazing huh?
      How wonderful and thoughtful to have a site recognizing Krystal.

  2. Boston Boy, This was moving. Sad too. I saw the coats and wondered if it was cold there..You said snow flakes.. My goodness. To me this will always be a sad moment for our country. Hugs to Arlene's girls, who will miss their friend. Blessings, xoxo,Susie