Saturday, October 31, 2015

This an' that

Wonderful weather yesterday. I am starting this blog on Saturday morning. Whether it gets published today or tomorrow is a question yet to be answered, still it was a beautiful and so is today. In fact the upcoming week looks especially nice. So anyway, yesterday I took a ride to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Normally I don't enjoy a trip to a cemetery, though you do eventually you have to go, but this place is special. This is the first cemetery that was landscaped, carved out a wooded area. It's on the list of national historic places and it's just beautiful especially in the Fall.  There are hills, valleys and ponds. There are some well known people buried here. Of course that's well known, if you've heard of them. Isabella Stewart Gardner. In her day she was a well known patron of the arts. She was rich. Charles Bulfinch. The architect who designed the center section of the capitol building in Washington as well as our own statehouse. Buckminster Fuller, an architect and inventor. Oliver Wendell Holmes, an associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Winslow Homer, painter. Edwin H. Land, the Polaroid Corporation. Henry Cabot Lodge, Ma. state senator. Henry Wadsworth, poet, "Paul Reveres Ride."

So it was beautiful outside and I decided to go there and take some pictures. Most of them weren't my best shots but what are you gonna do?

And here's the video.

Something I've always wondered about concerns names, at least men's names. Take Robert. A nick name for Robert is Bob. How do you get Bob from Robert? I get Rob. How about William. Where does Bill come from? Amongst the most common men's names is John. Where does Jack come from? And the most unfortunate name, Richard. Rich is easy to understand, but Dick? I'll say no more.
Well despite a two hours phone conversation with my sister discussing a certain car problem she was having and looking at certain new cars and then running for the bathroom to take care of a certain need only to have the phone ring again with a call from Arlene, I have managed to finish this today (Saturday). The foliage is about to reach peak around here and I'm gonna try to get some more pictures. Maybe tomorrow as there is no football game. Don't forget about daylight savings time!
I'm outta here.   


  1. Well isn't that a lovely arrangement to use as your timely header, and the cemetery is sure a name dropping place to visit. I knew a Fred who was called Bunny. Now you started me thinking and I won't be able to stop the nickname barrage! Yeow!

  2. Boston Boy, I loved the color you have there. yes we are having awesome weather for this time of year...but it was rainy for trick or treaters. That is a beautiful cemetery. I can see why you like to go there. Hope you and Arlene are getting to enjoy this weather...I am dreading what comes after. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Those Autumn leaves pictures are so pretty. It's leaves dropping time here and when the sunshine's through they give a certain glow.
    Darker night's well here and lots of rain this month O f November. Too much.
    The Cemetery is wonderful glorious actually, walking round must be quite an experience.
    Take care