Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vineyard wrapup. Aquinnah, The Clay Cliffs.

First of all I want to say sorry for posting some of the same pictures two blogs in a row. I didn't take many this time around because I have so many over the last five years. I even find it hard to believe that we have been going there for five years. I casually mentioned that maybe some time we could try a quick trip to Nantucket for about three days. She wasn't keen on the idea. She said that she got bad vibes from the place. I don't exactly know why or what she means by that. All I surmised from doing a little checking on the web was that it's a little further away, a little more expensive than Martha's Vineyard, a little more exclusive, but apart from that it looks pretty much the same. I only wanted to go for three days. Then she was talking to someone about our trip and they mentioned Nantucket and told her how nice it is and she began to change her tune.

The various ferry services have a nice racket going. You can't take a ferry from Martha's Vineyard to Nantucket. I suppose you could hire a private boat to do it but hey I'm not Bill Gates. You have to travel from the mainland to get there, either from Hyannis or New Bedford. I am not enamored with driving to New Bedford. Hyannis isn't so bad. It's actually a bit closer than Woods Hole (whatever that means) where we catch the ferry to the Vineyard. I know saying "the Vineyard" sounds so pompous, but as I near the complete end to my working life next year, I want to enjoy living a more leisure life. I will be approaching year number 46 with the same company and my working life began in 1968. I have saved some money and want to start spending it. Well actually I already have started spending it. I have been lucky to maintain the same job over all these years. I now work three days a week instead of five or six. Semi retirement agrees with me and fulltime retirement seems even more agreeable.

Below is a minute video of the Clay Cliffs in Aquinnah. It was a beautiful day, as they all were, and the area is just stunning.

So this will be the end of our Vineyard exploits for this year. Still I think in my heart and head that we will be back there in about eight months. This magical little island has us under it's spell.
I'm outta here.


  1. Very nice up there on the cliffs but I don't think the winter winds and I would get along very well. You sure need to enjoy it again and can live your dream. Full time retirement is a whole different world than the alternative. You will see!

  2. Boston Boy, I find it so hard to believe you have worked for 46 years. Nothing lazy about you !! Well I for one will say Vineyard as if I lived there. LOL. I want to visit it again and I also want to do the D.C. area again. Life is short, especially once you retire...do what makes you happy. Go on vacation where you like. Wishing you a great day. It's nice here today. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Blessings.....
    You do seem to love it there as you go annually. Whatever brings peace to your soul is a good thing. Thanks for the drive through, I more than likely will never go so i live it vicariously through you.

    have a blessed weekend.