Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Hot hot hot!!!

Yes it has been hot. On Tuesday it hit 96 f. Well it hit 96 at the airport. That's where they record the official temperature for the area as it probably is recorded in most metropolitan areas. However I don't know anyone who lives at the airport. Still it was hot and sticky on Tuesday, more of the same for Wednesday. For our little trip next week it looks to be cooler with some rain though we really don't care. We'll be there not here. I don't know if there is anything on the island that we haven't seen yet. This will be our 11th trip in the last five years. I don't know how long I will be able to afford two trips a year but one thing is for certain, if we cut it down to one week and maybe skip a year, we will always go back. That little island has captured our hearts. The hotel has been wonderful to us.
The Pequot Hotel.
We almost feel like minor celebrities when we go there because the manager and the staff all say hi and welcome us back with smiles. Maybe they think we have more money than we really have. As I said before I haven't even paid for the last two trips. We are lucky to have such a place so close to home. If the earlier ferry is not full they ask us if we would like to board instead of waiting for our scheduled time, and we are on the island in three hours from pulling out of my driveway at 6 a.m. and arriving on the island by 9 a.m. When we arrive they always say, "Your room won't be ready until 3 p.m." and we say, "Not a problem!" We go for our traditional first day breakfast at Linda Jeans. The rest of the week we have breakfast at the hotel because it's included in the price. Linda Jeans has become a favorite of ours. The breakfast menu is fabulous. And the food for the rest of the day is not too shabby. We have learned to economize as far as lunch is concerned we either bring some food and drink with us in a small cooler and there is a Stop and Shop on the island. Stop and Shop is a large supermarket chain here in New England and a few other northeast states. They are also the main competitor of the company that I work for, now part time. And though things are more expensive on the island buying lunch items there is cheaper than going out to lunch in a restaurant. Supper is different. There are many restaurants within a five to ten minute walk from the hotel including a couple that the President ate at. They are far from cheap but I will never forget the sea scallop dinner I had when we ate right on the harbor as the sun went down last spring. I know I've posted this picture a zillion times but it was incredible to eat the wonderful sea food while watching the sunset over the little harbor in Oak Bluffs.
I have yet to start gathering all the things together for the trip but at this point, after having done this 10 times it's not a concern. It's all casual clothes. A couple of hoodies, shorts, a couple of jeans, a waterproof jacket, lots of t-shirts and that's, about it. Oh yeah some money. The weather looks iffy for the first day with rain. It clears up on the second day and looks picture perfect for the next several days. There may be rain when we leave but who cares, we'll be leaving. Then it will be back to reality. Odds are I will be reporting in a couple of times while we are away. Here's a shot as we approach one of the two bridges over the Cape Cod canal. It marks the end of the first third of our trip. We then travel to Wood Hole where we take the ferry. And after a 45 minute cruise we are officially on vacation.
We can't wait!
I'm outta here, in a few days.


  1. Its been a bit hot here as well. Those are nice photos, greetings to you!

  2. Not too hot here! Come on down! Sure am happy that you are going on vacation to the place you love and to have access to. Wish you the very best vacation yet! You'll find something new to explore - I just know it!

  3. Boston Boy, It all sounds so wonderful. I love the pictures you show and I am glad you and Arlene take us all along with you. LOL. I love the tales of interesting people you meet while there on the island too. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. today was freezing in town, it rained.