Sunday, September 20, 2015

We're home.

Yes we made it safely home. We were blessed with near perfect weather. Around 80 degrees and low humidity until the last two days. The nights were practically cloudless unless you were looking in the direction of the setting sun. It was as if the clouds were placed there just to put on a nightly show with the setting sun.

We can't go to the island without visiting here every time. It was a beautiful day and though I have many shots of the clay cliffs I can't resist taking more when I'm there. I thought about going down to the shore as I did a few years ago, but Arlene wasn't keen on the idea. It is a long walk just to get half way to the tip. I did it once, down a rocky path then another long walk along the shore. You get so far and realize you have to go back. Still I love going there. It's so beautiful.

Then there was Chappaquiddick. A really small island, a stones throw from Edgartown. Two small ferrys that holds three cars max continuously go back and forth. It's about a minute ride. There's only one paved road that eventually turns into a sand road. There wasn't much to see as we drove. All there were, were little winding dirt drive ways with a mail box, some time several. Occasionally you could see a house through the trees. There are about 179 year round residents. There are no stores or hospitals. I suppose you would have to have a lot of money and crave solitude to live here.

After driving a ways and seeing nothing of interest we turned around and went to the parking lot near the ferry and sat at a little beach off to the right. Some people were surf casting but there weren't many people at all. Not a great beach but the view was wonderful. We sat on the beach for about an hour.


And of course this little island was the site of the notorious incident involving Ted Kennedy driving off a small wooden bridge into some water, drowning Mary Jo Kopeckny.

Here's and incredibly exciting video of our quick trip to Chappaquiddick. Well maybe not that exciting, but it is a video. 

Well that's it for now. I think there will be one or two more entries on this trip. I didn't take many pictures this time. I took some video and that's about it. I'm back to work on Tuesday and I have to shave off eleven days worth of facial hair. It looks ok, but it's at the itchy stage now. Maybe I'll grow it out to a proper beard after I completely retire.


  1. OMG I would never want to leave there..( well maybe not in winter. ; -) ) it is just gorgeous.. the photos and video speak volumes. Looks like Edgartown is pretty busy .I love the big trees and fancy big homes. So nice! Glad you made it home safe and look forward to hearing more.

  2. Nice vacations leave great memories, especially with beautiful pictures to capture the moments. Your sunsets are beautiful. A "proper" beard needs some experimentation. Think Luciano. YUM!

  3. Boston Boy, You should have taken a picture in your beard. :) So glad you had a lovely seems to have come and gone so very fast. I think I would be a bit scared in horrid winter storms out there. I do love the Vineyard and honestly never thought about hospital care is one needed it. Blessings to you ,the working man again. xoxo,Susie