Saturday, August 29, 2015

What to write?

Even though I don't get as many comments as I used to I am still compelled to write every few days. As it is some of the time I start writing without even knowing what I'm going to write. I've probably written the above before, who remembers. I blame the end of the '60s and most of the '70s if you know what I mean. Ooo! I've just written a neat segue for my recent ongoing activities. Boy am I smooth. I have been looking back at photos taken at the various trips Arlene and I used to take around New England. We haven't taken any of those one day trips as often since we've been going to Martha's Vineyard. 6 days on the Vineyard is much more expensive than a one day road trip around Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire or Rhode Island. I've only been to Vermont once and that was back in the '70s for a music festival and that ended in an argument with the other car in our mini caravan. We ended up at a campground for the night and drove home the next day. Still I do remember that it was a beautiful place and maybe someday I'll make it back up there. Speaking of the '70s here are a few pictures I dug up to show Arlene. I am at my friend Earls apartment. I don't remember the names of the 3 people on the left but that's my friend Rae Ellen and me on the right. I'm sure by what's on the table that we were all feeling pretty good.
  Below we are in Gloucester on Earls brother-in-law's boat. He was a fisherman. L-R Rae Ellen, Me, Winny (Earls brother-in-law), Earl's sister Cheryl.

 That's me exhibiting perfect form at Good Harbor beach in Gloucester.
 Here I am unaware of the shenanigans going on behind me. Ah the '70s.

 What else? Well  and here's a slideshow of Cambridge Ma. Normally it's jammed with cars and people with Harvard University right there. It's quite a funky place that I drove through for 11 years from 2000 to 2011 for work and for stretches in the 70's, 80's and 90's and again now though it's only for part time work. One Sunday morning before 7:00 a.m. I drove in, parked easily.  It was a nice morning, the square was empty and I just walked around taking pictures. I got back in my car and drove through the square and parked on the street that leads to the store I presently work and have worked at many times in the past. On one side of the street there are many beautiful homes. On the other side is the Charles River and Boston. As much as I complain about the ridiculous roadway layout on some roads that are almost 400 years old and the ridiculous traffic jams, I love this place. Sometimes we have an inferiority complex because we are the closest big city to New York, and I have nothing bad to say about New York, but Boston has nothing to be ashamed of. Besides the country starting here, the list of firsts in this city is second to none. Still it is a pain in the ass to get around sometimes. So here's a bit of Harvard Square and Mt. Auburn St. though I would be hard pressed to find where Mt Auburn is. Perhaps it's in the Mt. Auburn Cemetery which is hilly in many area's.

Coming soon Salem Ma.
Ok that's it for now, over and out.
I'm outta here.


  1. I enjoyed your slideshow. Is it almost time for you know where? Beautiful Boston area.
    I guess I am going up north next week. Waaay up there. LOL!

  2. PS....You were so cute back then. Not saying your not now, you are.

  3. I would surely agree with you Paul that now I have to sit and think about what I want to blog about. Not much going on for me and it's pretty boring. Most things I have already talked about in the past blogs. I sure miss Beth Marie and how she used to get us to talking about certain subjects. Loved looking back at your photos I haven't done mine in ages. The video was great makes it easier to know what you area you are talking about. Enjoy your dog days of summer. Gonna heat up this week.

  4. I saw your video and love the architecture of the buildings. (If I were there then you would have become MINE! )

  5. Boston Boy, I loved seeing all your pictures. If I do not get out to get any new photos..I seem lost to write about things. Oh course our families can always help us come up with topics. LOL. I miss having vacations of any kind. I haven't been on one since last Sept. That was the g.son's wedding in SLC Utah. I would love a nice just relax and let someone else do all the cooking and cleaning. LOL. Blessings for a great new week. Wow, our August flew by...just like May, June and July. xoxo,Susie
    P.S. hello to Arlene