Monday, August 24, 2015

Maybe a rant...some pictures, well maybe a lot of pictures.

I have a cell phone. An inexpensive one that serves my purpose. I don't need or want a high zoot phone that will make pancakes. Don't get me wrong, it is amazing technology. A small hand held computer that gives you the ability to communicate and for use as a knowledge reservoir. My biggest problem with them are the people who have become oblivious to the outside world. They are walking around, eyes glued to the small screen. Screen staring zombies. Some people are so self absorbed they have walked into traffic. Traffic, remember that? I was in line at a supermarket Sunday morning. I had 4 items. The woman in front of me had about 8 items. In front of her was a 20 something couple with close to 20 items. They were both glued to their little screens. By the way this was a 12 items or less line. In front of them was a middle aged woman, yapping on a phone nestled in her shoulder, who was slowing things down by holding up her hand to the cashier, in a "I'll be with you in a minute" fashion. The cashier was visibly annoyed. If she could have shot laser beams out of her eyes that woman would have been a pile of ash. In the mean time as the yapping woman moved up to finally pay and have her groceries bagged, the young couple behind her were still fully involved with their respective devices, unaware that it was time to move up and interact with a living, breathing person. The woman in front of me shot me a "roll of the eyes" look. I gave her a "I know what you mean" look.

The cashier had to break their little self absorbed moment by saying, "Could please move up an put your items on the belt!?"
Well weren't they surprised! Hello! Grocery store! Public place! Lots of people! The cashier didn't say anything but she would have disintegrated these two as well. I'm sure she wasn't thrilled with the 20 items either. I had  20 dollar bill in my hand, the woman in front of me was holding a her card. As their groceries are being totaled up, the two have both lapsed back into the cyber world. 

"That's $32.78." They both snapped back to reality and the guy starts fishing in is pockets for some money. He counts out the bills when his female companion declares, "Wait I think I have the change in my bag." She begins fishing through her bag. We had to witness this whole thing right down to hearing, "...75..76 77... 78." Oh the twits walk among us.

About my Godzilla/Julia Child header. I was just fooling around with my photo program, though the image of Julia was too small and looks washed out. Julia Child lived in Cambridge Ma. She occasionally shopped in the store that I work in now and also worked in back in the early 80's. She was a tall, imposing woman. Not that she was standoffish. She was fine. Of course she could attract a crowd but she dealt with it and besides the locals were used to seeing her around. Well we were joking about her size and then that morphed into her fighting Godzilla. A few weeks ago I was sitting in front of the computer and decided to make the movie poster. I was just amusing myself for about an hour.

I have been going through my pictures as I mentioned before. We went to a local country style fair back in 2007. It was fun and very colorful.

Of course there was also top shelf Las Vegas caliber entertainment.

The popular Twirl and Urp.


Well that takes care of the Topsfield Fair. To make this blog even longer. Here are picture (slideshow) taken in Boston on a spring day in 2007. We went, among other places, to the Old Granary Burial Grounds. Buried here are Benjamin Franklins parents, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and John Hancock. The interesting thing about John Hancock is that the hand that he signed the Declaration Of Independence with was stolen soon after he was buried. I didn't get all the gravestones photographed.
Well that's it for this long winded edition. Now back to, ugh...housework.
I'm outta here.


  1. Well you outdid yourself capturing the feelings of the fair. These are exactly what a fair is all about. Love them!

  2. Before I gets unplugged had to see if you posted. I love the rare 8 legged bull!!! Amazing!
    Great photos my friend. Yes a twit high on something came in laundromat and accused me of touching his clothes and he'd call cops.....old Toods came out and told him a thing or two and held my cane ready to poke. What was I thinking? I actually said I was having a sh*tty day and come on , try me! eee gads.

  3. blessings....
    Oh don't get me started on ppl in line with no consideration just yesterday i had to give one what my daughter call "dead face" as she and her mother held up the line quering razors, then decided to take the two since they were on clear out sale then decided they wanted more, she sent her daughter who turned around assuming they were the only ones in line and ran right into me, i just held up my hands which she ran into and gave her a serious no blink look, she said "oh am sorry" to which i gave her the dead face, full serious no blink stare.

    love the animal shots, they look well fed and healthy. love the cocks and hens especially, reminds me of home.

  4. Boston Boy, I love your pictures. All so clear. I can only imagine the store line...I'd be ready to run my cart up on the heels. LOL. No one is so important that they have to live on the phone...if they are important ...they have people who answer their phones. LOL. I am still amazed at people who talk while driving..worse yet still sneaking and texting. Hope you are doing well. My g.son will be home tomorrow, hopefully. Blessings, xoxo,Susie