Saturday, August 1, 2015

Found pictures, naughty computer, naughty car...let's have some wine...and so on.

Well I found the pictures I took when Arlene and I went to Assembly Place. This will not be a very exciting post as most aren't but the picture came out much nicer than my efforts at the auto museum and besides it was a beautiful day. This place is situated by the river as it flows into Boston Harbor. We had lunch at Tony C's, the young ballplayer with enormous potential who had his career cut short and losing his life at about 50.

Believe it or not those are apartments above the restaurant.


Those tired looking commuter train cars are from the early 70's. The public transportation system can do with an update. It's the oldest and it shows.

I don't know what that blue building is. The tall building in the background is the Prudential Tower. I still think it looks goofy with it's little flat, robot head. All that are missing are two robot arms.
I have been working on this blog for almost a week. I have been having trouble staying on-line. It has been quite exasperating, but staying realistic it's only a computer, and for the most part everything else is alright. I am not in the market for a new computer at this time but that's probably in my not too distant future. One of the things that is not so alright is a water leak inside my car. It is a nice car and has been a very reliable. It's a Ford Fusion in a tuxedo, though the Fusion is a very nice car. Beside new tires and wheels it has not given me a lick of problems in 6 years...
 ...until now. Water has leaked in from somewhere and seems to be in the dash. When I take a left hand turn, it sounds like pouring sand going from left to right as the car leans that way. Several minutes later it drips into the passenger foot well. Fortunately there's a large rubber mat that so far has caught it. It's going into the shop on Monday as I write this on Saturday. Hmmm...maybe next year on the computer. 
What else? I took this picture of the moon last night. It was a warm comfortable night. Arlene and I sat on her porch and had some wine. That sounds so pretentious. Realistically, after going out for a bite to eat we killed a bottle of wine and I was home by 10. Wine has become more prominent in our lives since we both retired, though we still both work part time. As I walked next door and down the drive way the moon appeared against a blackened  sky. I went in, got my camera and took a bunch of shots. All but two were blurry. One came out nice, though I did enhance it with my photo program.
I found myself talking to myself, though this is not that unusual. This time when I caught myself, I started talking to myself, about talking to myself. I suppose this comes from living alone. Not that there's anything wrong with it, I like it. Eventually Arlene and I will probably end up living together but as of now and the near future the present arrangement is how it is.
OK. I think the well has run dry. Hopefully I'll be able to do some catching up in Bloggerville.
I'm outta here. 


  1. Boston Boy, Great pictures. I love your robot. LOL. Have you tried searching on line as to what could be happening with your car?? I am not thinking you know nothing.LOL know it's hard to say things in print when you truly don't know how the person reading it will take it. I just some times look for crazy stuff on line...cause gaaa where else am I going to get info. I wish I had a friend to have a glass of wine with...Ted and I used to be out all we go to bed with the chicken and get up with them. LOL.. Two old farts. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. That is one fantastic photo of the Blue moon. Seriously, may I save it? Your car wears a tux? Must be driving incognito. The blue is painters tape. They are not done painting. Now the arms, funny. So you guys polish off ah bottle now an then. Hey that's amoire! How did you manage to get the yachts to line up like that for a picture?
    I am so happy for you Paul of all the years I've known you ...Arlene and you I am happy for you. Now you got a single old fart friend for me?

  3. Well I can't sty up long enough to get a moon shot. Must be because of another shot I got. Good to know you are happy doing what you do when and how you do it. We never know.......

  4. Blessings ....
    great photos, especially love the moon shot, would have loved to see the before and after since you said you altered/enhanced it.

  5. Great post Paul so glad you are both enjoying your semi retirement. Is that a blue Moon, we had one here last week over tow nights. Once in a blue Moon as the saying goes.
    Love the photo's and the strange looking building , nice Robot your sense of humour is good.
    Enjoy your weekend .