Friday, August 7, 2015

My car is home and other exciting tales

Here I sit, early on Friday afternoon, and I now begin a bit of "dooin 'nuthin'". At least until I have to get up for eating and other "reasons". The last 3 days have been just about perfect. There are big, cottony clouds, traveling through the sky, almost imperceptibly. Right now, right here it's sunny and 78 degrees. Perfect. It's been like this for several days and it looks to continue through Sunday.

Two days ago, I was on a break at work. The weather was just like today. I sat on a railing next to my rental car, wearing the silly "chefs costume" we wear in the deli. Somebody thought this would boost image? Do they think  people seeing a "chef" cutting their baloney will make it extra special? Anyway there was a small wooded area behind me. In the trees behind me was a crow. It was hopping around making a bunch of crow noises. It then flew to a tree to my right. It hopped around a bit and then, as I stared at the sky I heard a crow-like voice say, "Ha HAAA!"
It was as if it had finally found where it left it's car keys.

I started to laugh. Not just a chuckle, but really laughing, all by myself. It was just a very silly moment or someone could have viewed it from a distance as an employee snapping his twig.

Arlene, conveniently next door, and I have spent more than a few nights on her 3rd floor porch watching the sun go down. Something you begin, it seem, to do as you enter old fartdom. Something we have been doing since that night a couple of months ago on our favorite island. We sat and sipped drinks after a delicious seafood meal and watched the sunset over the small harbor. 

Last night I sat out on my sisters front porch. She and her husband live about a half a mile from me. It was another beautiful night. She's on the first floor but the view is about the same. Neither is a clear horizon shot as its houses and trees, still you could see a colorful sky. It was another pleasant evening. I went to her house for a minor detail but I thought it might be nice to perhaps enjoy a beer or two on their front porch. We sat and we laughed as happens when we get together. It's a nice quiet neighborhood. Now my brother in law Jim is generally a quiet guy. As we sat, there was a slight breeze as the sun had ,more or less, set. Maybe it was 70 degrees. Jim was telling us how much he liked the neighbors, neighborhood and how quiet it was. And it is a quiet neighborhood with little or no traffic. Jim went on, "Yeah, that guy across the street is a nice guy. It's really quiet. I really like all the neighbors, except for..." his volume increases."...that ASSHOLE NEXT DOOR!"

There was a prolonged, "SHHHssssshhhhSSSSSSHHH !" from my sister. I was on my second beer while Jim had been home all day. By the time I got there, let's just say, perhaps, the pump had been primed. I'm not saying that Jim is a loud and boisterous person. He's not. Some little incident with a snow blower last winter had made this neighbor a citizen of Assholia. 

To be fair Jims little faux pas lasted less that a minute. We spent most of the night laughing. We were actually the A Holes neighbors last night. In fact it was such a pleasant evening we sat out there for 5 hours. I got home at midnight. It was a good night.

I apologize for using that particular word on this and another blog a few weeks back. I normally don't go that way but on the other hand we're all adults and these words are common to all of us. It happens in real life.

Ok it's still fabulous outside! I picked up my car this morning. I knew my mechanic could fix something that would baffle a dealership. He's done it before. I was getting water leaking into the passenger side in the front from under the dash. Long story short, the heater is next to part of the air conditioning. Though the heater isn't on, your  antifreeze flows through the heater at engine temperatures. The part of the air conditioner that deals with the water condensation is covered with an insulation which melted, dripped down and plugged the very hole that's supposed to drain water down to the street. He called it a very poor design. He showed me the goop that plugged the drain. He showed me pictures of my dashboard all taken apart and where certain things were located. I didn't envy him having to take it apart. It wasn't cheap. It  never is. But I have been going to him since 1985. If you find a good auto person stick with them. They're not that easy to find.

Still fabulous outside!

The President left today for Martha's Vineyard. Though I would like to be there when he's there, I don't like being there with every one else that goes there in the summer. Soon though. Mid September. We can't wait.

More than likely there will be more porch time tonight. You have to enjoy these picture book days. All I have to do is think about the 9 feet of snow last winter. So we'll be doing our old fart bit tonight though I don't think we are full fledged old farts. We're probably sophomore old farts. We won't graduate to senior old farts for a few years yet. We still haven't decided if we're going to the prom.

I'm outta here.


  1. "What is an old fart? It's a person who acts old! It's kind of a fun way to say that someone acts old. Old farts are not a problem at all! Old fart is a life style, and it's not much of a problem. It's only a problem if you don't want to be an old fart. Otherwise, old farts are just normal!" LIKE ME!

  2. You said you went to your sisters for a minor detail, for that crow? Reminds me of defeat went over defense before detail. I miss watching the sunset everynight. I think any age can appreciate the little things.
    Maybe the heat of engine melted that insulation huh? Glad he was able to figure it out and fix it. I have to get mine looked at now. This strange symbol was on for 20 miles and freaked me out cause"the hand book" was at home and NOT in glove compartment.I woudn't want to be on that island or anywhere near where the president is. Too big a risk. Enjoy the nice weather!! Talk to you tomorrow!

  3. blessings.....
    Old fartdum huh, you do have a way with words.laughter is good for the soul and psyche.

    have a blessed week.

  4. Boston Boy, I had to have a new heater installed and the flaps that switch to let the air flow in the car needed are right , who ever designed that has never though of working on a car. The mechanic took my dash out to access the heater. saw it all out on top of my car..looked like it chad been wrecked. 1300 dollars....what can a person do...there's no way my husband and I could have fixed that. It is so time consuming is the reason labor is so high and long. I wish I had seen you in you chef clothes laughing . Life is short live it up and love it. I think porch sitting is the most wonderful thing of summer evenings. I thought of you and Arlene when I heard that the Obamas were going to the Vineyard. Hope you weekend was fabulous. Mine was very nice. Blessing, xoxo,Susie

  5. I’d like to be in the same comfortable situation soon; doing nothing as often as possible whenever I get the chance! Sitting on a porch or a balcony with a cold drink, chilling and eating till I’m sick—that’s pretty ideal, a break of a lifetime. That doesn’t happy every so you must have relished every second of it.

    Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.