Saturday, April 7, 2012

Republishing this mornings post. I put the wrong video clip in.

It's been about a week since I've been around. Nothing bad happened. It just seemed that there was some task for every waking hour in the day. I have many more duties in my present work location. I am not always dealing directly with customers these days, but today I found myself doing some counter duty. That all went fine except for one woman, who I will say up front, was very pleasant but a bit confused. She started by asking for chicken breast "but not that ever roast kind. I hate it."
I have never heard of ever roast chicken nor do I think the name "ever roast" implies a positive selling point.
After asking her if she wanted a plain or flavored chicken she does the classic pointing at the item that I can't see and says, "This one."

Instead of just telling me what it is she makes me walk around.
"Oh that's the plain oven roasted."
"What do you mean plain?"
"No extra flavor is added like this one. It's BBQ sauce flavored."
"Oh no! Not BBQ!"

Heavens No! Not BBQ Sauce! Too many bad memories. She had a second cousin drown in a vat of BBQ Sauce!

"OK. How much of the chicken breast would you like?"
"Chicken? I don't want chicken. I want turkey."
I went right for the house brand plain roasted turkey. I'm not asking any more questions.

"Are you sure that's the turkey? I don't want chicken."
Normally this type of customer is OK in small doses and admittedly I did not deal with many customers today (Friday) but after all these years in the business it gets easy to pick out the pain in the ass in the crowd. I just hit 41 years of service on April 1. It has a cumulative effect. At this point you just want to zip through the order. No muss. No fuss. "There you go! Thanks so much for stoppin' bye!"

She started to walk away. Stopped, turned and said. "Oh! One more thing."
It was like dealing with Lt. Colombo. This woman's order was turning into a mini series. The next "thing" was cheese. That didn't go so bad apart from asking, "Which cheese is better for sandwiches, provolone or swiss?"
At this point in the blog I could insert some kind of smart alecky comment about that question, but I won't.
I can't think of one.

Last Sunday my buddy Dave and I went to the World Of Wheels exhibition being held down town. It's an auto show featuring, hot rods, customized cars, vintage cars and trucks, motorcycles and a few concept cars from the past. The place was packed. It's a very guy thing to do though there were plenty of women there. Here's a slide show.
So here it is Saturday morning. I work the late shift today. Tomorrow is Easter which I will be spending with my family. Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate. Monday I have to bring my car in for servicing. This is the first time I have gone to a dealership for servicing in about 25 years. I have never had a good experience in a dealership. As soon as my servicing deal is over I'm going back to my regular mechanic. The car will probably be tied up all day. I see a bit of walking in my future.

I'll try to visit around tonight when I get home from work. It's going to be a long day. Time for breakfast.

I'm outta here.


  1. WOW!! My husband would have loved a show like that. Those are some cars.

    Good luck with your car servicing. I hope you don't end up with a big bill.

  2. I can see my husband in his glory at that car show. Seen customers like that and they usually have a line of frustrated customers waiting behind them.

  3. Nice vid!!
    Oh, by the way... I like roasted stuffed bologna sliced thin so thin you can read a newspaper through it.
    I like Swiss better. They can yodel beautifully.
    Oh, one more's the cheese I like thin.
    Jist say'in
    Have a Happy Easter my friend.

  4. Funny post Paul poor you what a carry on ! Good Video and good luck with your car.
    Happy Easter

  5. Blessings...
    Happy Easter....
    glad to know nothing bad happened during your week away and you were just doing you. Its all good.

    Nice car....

    stay blessed.