Monday, April 16, 2012

Lazy Sunday, scorching hot Monday

Yesterday (Sunday) was a gorgeous day. And even though it was my first day off in a week I didn't feel like hanging around. My lady friend and I had tossed around the idea of doing something or going somewhere. The two most important guidelines were, it had to be cheap and it had to be relatively close, which of course ties in with the cheap aspect of guideline number one. We are all dealing with the price of gasoline.

So to make a long story boring, a fort, dating back pre-revolutionary war, on the coast of Maine was agreed upon. It was about an hour north of here in Kittery Maine. Fort McClary sits on the mouth of a river who's name I can't accurately recall at the moment. It was a Native American word and rather than mangle it I'll leave it unnamed. Hey it's only a blog. We're not talking the History Channel here.

It was a beautiful day and after a filling breakfast at The Lighthouse Cafe off we went.
Driving north first you hit New Hampshire then Maine. This is the closest point between Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. We arrived in about an hour. The Fort was eventually re-named Fort McClary after the highest ranking officer killed at the Battle of Bunkerhill. It's not the most beautiful setting I've been to. Still it's always nice to be close to the ocean. Located at the mouth of a river the Fort looks out to the ocean. In the distance there were light houses on either side of the entrance to the harbor. It was low tide.
This is the view as you walk up from the parking lot. The fort is on the right out of the shot.
 The fort was last used during WW II as a lookout for planes and ships.

Today will be a hot one hitting close to 90. It's also the day of the Boston Marathon. I used to work at a downtown Boston location which was just about on the finish line of the marathon. You had to be at work early enough before they closed the street. All was said and done by about four in the afternoon. I have to admit it was kind of exciting. The local television coverage is on as I write this though the start is still less than two hours away.

I'm hanging in today. As always there are plenty of things to do. I will do some. Just to contrast the predicted near 90 degree heat today, here's a picture of my house (not really mine) from Jan. 2011.
Well that's it for now. So as I am apt to say at this point,
I'm outta here.



  1. Awesome pics and video Paul!! That snow looks familiar too. I am glad you and your lady friend had a good time. You have the most exciting things to see in your area.

    Have a great day bro, I am back to cleaning the closets.

  2. Man, you sure know where to go and how to be interesting. I would live to have gone there. I know I keep sayi g it but you have the most historically interesting State there is.

    Oh and Katie Isabella agrees. Nashe thinks she'd make a great kitty detective.

  3. How very interesting! Where I grew up in NJ there were all sorts of historical places right in the area and I never visited any of them! Sorry now.
    Just to give you an idea, here is the link:

  4. I like the History channel. Nice vid and photos.

  5. Great Photo's Paul and Video
    Have a great Week.