Sunday, April 29, 2012

So how you doin'?

Yeah I've gone for about a week. Gone from Blogger that is. I have been in charge at work and it has not been fun. My boss is off visiting his sweetheart in North Carolina. He does this every six weeks or so. Pretty expensive way to date. So it's been a long week. I have been continuing my purging of things that I have amassed over the years. A friend of mine has been doing the same thing. He sold a concert poster from a concert I went to. Back in 1968 the rock group Cream broke up. They were at the height of their popularity selling 35 million records in 2 years. They were rivaling the Beatles in popularity. This is the band that made Eric Clapton an international superstar. A few months later Eric and the drummer from Cream joined Steve Winwood and an unknown bass player to form a "supergroup" called Blind Faith. There was all kinds of hype including a spread in Life Magazine. Long story short they recorded one album and had a disastrous tour. In 9 months they were history. Their opening act was a husband and wife team called Delaney and Bonnie who's back up band later became Eric's band called Derek and the Dominoes producing the hit "Layla". The upshot of all this is Eric would hang around with Delaney and Bonnie instead of his fellow superstars and when Blind Faith dissolved Eric continued touring with Delaney and Bonnie. I went to this show when they played Boston at The Boston Tea Party, a club that still exists under a different name right behind the left field wall of Fenway Park. The upshot of all this useless information is that my friend took one of the concert posters off the wall and ended selling it on eBay. You'd be surprised how much people will pay for memorabilia. He asked for $400.00 for a poster and was offered $300.00. He countered with $324.00 to cover his pay pal and shipping expenses. This got the bidder mad so my friend ended up taking the $300.00 offer. He couldn't understand why the guy got upset. I told my friend that he was just offered $300.00 for a piece of 42 year old paper about the size of common printer paper with no pictures just words. He should be pleased.
One the left is a picture of the poster. As I said I went to one of the shows (I wish a still had the ticket stub.)with another friend of mine. He had a camera and took pictures. I've got a set of them. I recently found them again. Making a reasonably long story a bit longer, I have had an offer of $40.00 dollars each. There are 14. 13 of them are of the Clapton show. They are all pretty much the same.
Eric is on the right.
Bonnie Bramlett went on to have a role on the Rosanne Show.
Also in the set of pictures was one picture from another concert at the same place. The Who performing their rock opera "Tommy" From Nov. 1969. You know "Pinball Wizard". Well maybe you don't know, but it was a big deal back then.
There are other things that I will consider selling once I find them. Some of these things could be worth big money. Particularly some very old comic books that I have but that is in the future as there is a lot involved in selling them.
So it has been a busy week. In fact as soon as I finish this blog I am out the door.

The time passed quickly  last  week. My thoughts now, more often, turn to my pending week getaway to Martha's Vineyard at the end of May. My first week off since last September. I should be more attentive to my Blogger duties this week. As soon as I am done with my little side trip this afternoon I have planned a whole lot of nothing for the rest of the day.
See you 'round the ranch.
I'm outta here.


  1. This is a very interesting post Paul. Makes me think of things from my past I should have held on to. Hind sight is 20/20 so I have been told.
    Have a good week Bro!

  2. Blessings.....
    The consequences of being in charge. It has as many highs as there lows. Your boss long distance dating huh, well at least he is committed, thats a good sign, means it is going to a particular end hopeful the one he desires.

    Purging of things.....eek, i gotta to do that, but I AM AVOIDING AVOIDING AVOIDING, too much work.

    Take care, thanks for stopping in and saying hey, hi and hello.

    1. Blessings my friend, i return to wish you a good day, to say hello, hi and to bid you joy for the rest of the week.

      stay blessed

    2. BLESSINGS.....Am back...
      This time to say YOU'RE IT. YOU HAVE BEEN TAGGED my friend. See

      stay blessed.

  3. Really enjoyed this. All the things we accumulate during the years makes you wonder sometimes why you kept this or that.

  4. I bet you are a great boss. I hear you of culling or downsizing accumulation.
    The history of Eric and Cream and those days made me think of my VW and my hippie beads and of course bell bottoms/sandals.

  5. I loved Cream and I loved Clapton. Nothing they did ever was wasted on me. I found this anything but useless info and I hope you find more like this. Great info. I'd never have known otherwise. Those guys are seriously old now. But they still keep on tickin'.

  6. I thought I'd see if I missed a post.
    I guess you forgot
    Hope you are doing well and enjoying the weather.